Most Arctic Bay residents don’t use drugs


I would like to respond to a letter that appeared in the July 5 edition of Nunatsiaq News entitled “Arctic Bay needs more hash and grass” — with the writer’s name withheld by request.

The letter you printed represents the opinion of one person. The letter does not represent the opinion of the vast majority of Arctic Bay residents, whether they be Inuit or white. Most of our residents are law-abiding people who do not use illicit drugs or get drunk from overconsumption of alcohol.

Contrary to what the writer implies in his or her letter, illicit drugs are very harmful to the user and illicit drugs are harmful to the user’s family, since money is frequently spent on purchasing drugs that should be spent on food, clothing and other household requirements. The same is true for those people who choose to drink alcohol excessively.

The writer is sadly mistaken if he or she believes that being under the influence of alcohol makes it legal to do whatever one may wish to do.

All people are legally responsible for their actions whether they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol or whether they are sober and all people may be charged and convicted of any lawful acts they commit.

The writer appears to be bitter against white people. The writer should focus on all of the positive things which have been introduced for the benefit of our Inuit population and should dwell less on the negative side of life.

Whether we are Inuit or white we all have choices to make in life and it is always preferable to live within municipal, territorial and federal laws.

Illicit drugs are not sold exclusively by white people and they are not sold by law-abiding citizens.

Joanasie Akumalik
Arctic Bay

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