Murder charge laid in death of actress Emerald MacDonald

RCMP charge man with first-degree murder of Kugluktuk actress and attempted murder of another woman

RCMP charged a man with first-degree murder of actress Emerald MacDonald, seen here on the set of the movie The Grizzlies. MacDonald’s body was found in May at her family’s cabin near Kugluktuk. (File photo)

By Nunatsiaq News

The RCMP charged a man on Friday with first-degree murder in the death of actress Emerald MacDonald and with the attempted murder of Daisy Alonok in the spring.

Scott Hala was arrested on Friday, an RCMP news release issued Saturday states. He is in custody and scheduled to appear in court on Nov. 23. Police did not give his age or indicate where he lives.

MacDonald’s body was found at a cabin near Kugluktuk on May 3. She is well-known for playing the role of Miranda Atatahak in The Grizzlies, a movie about a lacrosse team in Kugluktuk that helped local youth rally against some of the highest suicide rates in North America.

On May 5, police said they were treating the death as suspicious. On May 20, they named MacDonald as the victim and said they were treating her death as a homicide.

MacDonald had been seen on April 30 in Kugluktuk, where she was buying supplies at the store and preparing to travel by snowmobile to her family’s cabin on Inutkoakakvik Island, also known as Old Man Island, according to a release the RCMP issued in May when police asked for the public’s help in its investigation.

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(11) Comments:

  1. Posted by Lori Rudyk on

    God rest her beautiful soul.
    Continued prayers for her family, friends and the countless others whose lives she touched and inspired.

  2. Posted by Oscare on

    Now the family can be at peace and get justice. God bless the family.

  3. Posted by Marilyn Willette on

    This is such a sad story. I didn’t hear of it until the suspect was charged. Too much emphasis is placed on outside news and I am sure this was overshadowed by the discovery of the unmarked graves tragedy, but we should pay more attention to our Canadian goings on.

  4. Posted by Frodo’s Parka on

    I am so sorry for the victim’s family. My thoughts are with you.

  5. Posted by Melissa Kuptana on

    My heart goes out to her family and friends and may her beautiful soul rest in peace.

  6. Posted by S on

    In a small, remote community the brutality and tragedy is multiplied. The deceased and murderer’s family and friends intersect at many places and generations. Truly saddening.

    I hope that the shock, investigation, trial and resolution spark a communal desire for the betterment of Kugluktuk’s children and suffering adults

  7. Posted by Mabel Oyakyoak on

    Sending sincere condolences to the MacDonald family, extended family & friends of Emerald, may God comfort each & everyone of you during this difficult time. God Bless & keep safe.

  8. Posted by Crystal Clarity on

    Such a terrible thing to happen to such a beautiful soul.

    It is shocking what is happening in Nunavut over the last couple of decades. For such a small population we have had so many murders, attempted murders, violent assaults, arson, stand offs, extreme vandalism, major thefts, etc…. I don’t know the specific cause of these things but I am guessing crowded housing, joblessness, domestic violence, food insecurity, booze and drugs, are high on the list. We need to get our shit together to make this a great territory. It would be nice to be able to blame colonialism, residential schools, qablunaaqs, governments, etc……if it makes us feel better but there comes a time when we need to take ownership for our social problems and start acting on a individual level and community to make things better.

    • Posted by Northern Inuit on

      what worries me is the amount of drug and alcohol abuse. say what you want, but marijuana is not a harmless drug. the marijuana out there is not your Grandfathers hippie weed. the stuff sold on the streets can be laced with any hard drugs and makes it much more powerful. the marijuana from dispensaries is probably safer but it’s still a drug.

      shatter, meth, heroin and cocaine are known to be available on the streets. you hear of people addicted to shatter and this stuff belongs in the hard drugs category. you can see your friends and relatives who smoke this vile drug change over time. it’s concentrated horrible stuff.

      $300 60 ounce and $100 mickey bottles of vodka are kidding our Communities. that’s in the Communities where alcohol is readily available by import permit. in Communities where they are “Dry” you know the 60 ounce sells for $500 and a mickey for $150 or more. when someone buys this, it’s nothing but trouble for them and their families who have to suffer through a rough night but then also struggle when they don’t have enough food in the fridge and cupboard so they look to their family for help.

      it’s a vicious cycle. to what end? maybe our next crop of elected officials have better ideas.

      or just promise housing, paved roads and thoughts and prayers.

  9. Posted by Allison Ekpakohak on

    Hugs /Love and comfort going out to the family,❤️

  10. Posted by Heart breaking on

    Thoughts and Prayers going out to this beautiful souls family and friends.
    And allow me state if anything positive is happening such as Emerald was/doing…Leave it in peace, the younger generations of Nunavut need their role models and inspiration.

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