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The year that was



It was the year of Steve Yzerman and the Stanley Cup. The Gentleman Super Star injected some meanness into his game and hoisted the Stanley Cup. Yzerman’s years of experience outlasted the youth and strength of Eric Lindros.

It was the year of Sojourner, the hi-tech explorer that sent back pictures of Mars across millions of kilometres to Earth. It was another small step for humans in our journey to the stars.

It was the year that Preston Manning bowed to “public pressure” and moved into Stornoway.

It was the year that Gilles Duceppe learned that you don’t put on funny looking headwear during elections.

It was the year that Lucien “BlocHead” Bouchard went to Paris and came back home. It was one of the nicest non-stories of the year.

This was the year of Tony Blair, Britain’s new prime minister. After many years of Thatcherism, the people of Britain made a decided change of direction and swept Blair into power. He is probably the first of a wave of younger leaders who will begin to emerge in Europe in the next few years.

This was the year of a candle in the wind.

This was the year of mad dog boxers who bite their opponent’s ears off.

This was the year of the fifth straight world championship by Canada’s junior hockey team.

This was the year that Canada’s women’s hockey team won the world championship for the… um… umpteenth time.

This was the year that Boris Yeltsin defied politics and a deathwatch and remained leader of the once powerful Russian federation.

This was the year of Tickle Me Elmo. Who, thankfully, didn’t catch on.

This was also the year of electronic virtual pets. Even worse.

This was the year of Jody Williams and the treaty to ban land mines.

This was the year of real life drama on the Spaceship Mir.

This was the year that our O.J. Simpson hangover began to go away.

This was the year when no one could think of a better name than Bob.

Merry Christmas and God bless you all.

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