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Rodents leaving a sinking ship

There was a time when working for the GNWT was actually a desirable and worthwhile thing to do. It was when it was led by reasonably good people who were honourable and who had good intentions. But in recent times, it is very difficult to use the word “honourable” when one is talking about the leadership in Yellowknife.

One should not condemn all those in positions of power because there are still some good people in the upper echelons of the Northwest Terrified Government. But the most powerful ones have tainted the barrel of apples. They have done this either through questionable intentions or just plain incompetence.

The executive branch of the government has sometimes behaved like some dictatorial regime in a banana republic. They have unilaterally changed some decisions made by the legislative members to suit their own objectives. A lot of money has been moved around to benefit some members at the expense of others.

Many senior bureaucrats have recently left the GNWT under some suspicious clouds. These senior civil servants are highly capable people who apparently do not want to be around when the proverbial crap hits the fan. The ongoing RCMP investigations into some of the activities of the GNWT contributes to the atmosphere of nervousness throughout the government.

Are the rodents leaving a sinking ship or are they afraid to challenge the king rats who occupy the wheel house of a rudderless ship which is adrift on an increasingly windy sea?

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“To kick each other’s tires.”

Zebedee Nungak describing the purpose of the first meeting he had with Lucien Bouchard, which took place in July 1997.

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