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It’s wrong to seek revenge


Now that Nunavut is just around the corner, there are some who would seek revenge by excluding non-lnuit in employment and other areas. This is small mindedness and does not reflect Inuit values of sharing and co-operation.

It is sometimes very tempting to get even if one feels that he or she has been treated unfairly in the past. Some want to dish out the same as what they got. But two wrongs never make a right.

It is also wrong for a practical reason. Non-Inuit make up a good chunk of skilled and experienced people who we will need to help us make sure that the machinery of government functions well.

The work force in Nunavut will eventually reflect the population. How long that takes will be determined by how hard we are prepared to work. It would be wrong to put Inuit into positions when they are not properly qualified. To be fair though, some qualifications will have to be altered.

One of the reasons why the drive for Nunavut has been so successful is because the non-lnuit population of Nunavut have always supported it. We appreciate this very much. We want you to feel welcome as members of our families, our friends, and our co-workers.

Things will be different, that is sure. How that difference turns bad or good will depend on us. We have a wonderful opportunity to make a change that is good for everyone, not just us. We should start by doing unto others as we would have them do unto us.
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“The time has come to state formally that the days of paternalism and disrespect are behind us and that we are committed to changing the nature of the relationship between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people in Canada.”

­ Jane Stewart, Minister of Indian Affairs.

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