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Who’s Happy

Ross Rebagliati of British Columbia won the first ever gold medal for Olympic snowboarding at Nagano, Japan. People who make and sell snowboards in Canada must be grinning from ear to ear. At press-time, Rebagliati had tested postive for traces of marijuana in his system and may not get his medal. Those grins may be turning into frowns.
Who’s Not

The separatists in Quebec want the government of Canada to fork over more than $700 million so that Hydro Quebec can repair hydro transmission lines which were destroyed during the recent ice storms.

The government of Canada has said it will give money to help pay for what was damaged, but says that Hydro Quebec doesn’t really qualify for assistance because it makes a lot of money and should be able to secure the necessary resources to repair its lines.

The separatists are accusing the government of Canada of attempting to sabotage its independence movement by making it harder for the PQ government to eliminate its deficit. Would you like some kleenex Mr Bouchard?
Who’s Sad

Fans of the Beach Boys. Ross Wilson, lead guitarist of The Beach Boys, died of cancer recently. All you young people who are starting the habit of smoking please note that he died of lung cancer at the age of 51. Give it up. It’s not worth it.
Who’s Bad

Most people know by now that US President Bill Clinton is not exactly innocent. But the people who have made the accusations and those who are after his head are really no better than he is.
Who’s Nervous

If Saddam Hussein is not nervous, than he’s not human. If he doesn’t back down and allows unfettered inspections for biological and chemical weapons, his regime is going to be hit hard.
Who Else is Nervous

Me. The best hockey players in the world are finally playing in the Olympics. Anything less than gold for Canada will be very disappointing.

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