Netsilik MLA returns to legislative assembly after assault charge stayed

Joseph Quqqiaq took a leave of absence from fall sitting in October

Netsilik MLA Joseph Quqqiaq is bak at work after taking a leave of absence from the fall sitting of Nunavut’s legislative assembly. He was charged with assault last year. The charge was later stayed by the Crown. (Photo by Meral Jamal)

By Meral Jamal

Netsilik MLA Joseph Quqqiaq has returned to Nunavut’s legislative assembly after taking a leave of absence when he was charged with assault in October.

Quqqiaq is participating in the winter sitting, which runs from Feb. 22 to March 14.

He took a leave of absence from the fall sitting in October after announcing that both he and his partner had been charged with assault following an incident in his home community of Taloyoak.

The Public Prosecution Service of Canada confirmed last week that Quqqiaq’s proceedings were stayed, meaning the Crown decided to terminate the prosecution.

“The Crown directed a stay of proceedings against Mr. Quqqiaq on January 18,” public prosecution spokesperson Nathalie Houle told Nunatsiaq News in an email statement.

Quqqiaq declined to comment when reached by Nunatsiaq News.

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(6) Comments:

  1. Posted by Welcome back to the king on

    Welcome back to the King and savior of Nunavut

    • Posted by Northern Inuit on

      So, what type of speech will our King and Saviour make to us peons now?

      • Posted by Aqviligruaqmiutaq on

        What a shame! Why was he allowed to sit back in the Assembly? Bad image on Us Constituency. Break away from Spence Bay, they wanted to break away from Nachilik.
        Shame on him.

  2. Posted by Complex LIves on

    Look at the stress we put on MLAs from Kitikmeot communities and the crazy travel they have to do. Look at the issues that Nunavut families face.

    Joseph has been sober and on board for his family for more than a few years, but issues don’t disappear the moment we start working on them.

    Be a bigger person when you think to make comments here. Consider becoming wiser and less gossipy, and support some young and heartfelt representatives.

    • Posted by Crazy travel? on

      Wanna see crazy travel talk to QEC workers who are on out of their community all the time. These MLA take a flight to the capital and get put up in a posh hotel for few weeks a year that’s all. MLA’s from all over nunavut have to do this too its nothing new and not just kitikmeot. Same way MP’s from all over canada gotta go ottawa for work too.

      • Posted by #MeToo on

        Just us regular non-government business folk as well. Don’t forget about us, we travel too. Often times much more than these MLAs who have it pretty nice.

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