New case of COVID-19 confirmed in Rankin Inlet

Residents will now need to wear masks in public places, says chief medical health officer

The Government of Nunavut confirmed a new case of COVID-19 in Rankin Inlet on Friday. Residents will now be required to wear masks in public places. (File photo)

By Nunatsiaq News

The Government of Nunavut confirmed a new case of COVID-19 in Rankin Inlet on Friday.

The person had returned to Rankin Inlet on Aug. 29 from travel outside of Nunavut and was symptomatic before travelling, said Dr. Rosann Seviour, Nunavut’s acting chief public health officer.

“The individual was confirmed COVID-19 positive by the lab in Rankin Inlet yesterday evening and has since been medevaced to a hospital in southern Canada,” Seviour said in a news release.

“All household contacts are isolating at home.”

Nunavut health officials announced last week that the virus had been detected in Rankin Inlet’s waste water, but Seviour said that this case is not linked to those signals.

The risk to the Kivalliq community is considered low right now, she added.

As a result of the new case, Rankin Inlet residents will now be required to wear masks in public places, Seviour said. There are no other changes to public health measures in the community for now.

As of Aug. 31, 73 per cent of Rankin Inlet’s population aged 12 and up has been fully vaccinated.

Anyone experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 should isolate immediately, Nunavut health officials say, and call the COVID-hotline at 1-888-975-8601 or the local health centre.

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(18) Comments:

  1. Posted by More Rules on

    I surely hope the person is vaccinated. If the person isn’t vaccinated, the Government of Nunavut needs to come up with stricter rules for residents who choose not to get vaccinated. Let’s use this as an example, if the person with COVID is non vaccinated, the community of Rankin Inlet now have to wear masks, vaccinated and non vaccinated residents. This isn’t aimed at people who cannot get vaccinated but to people decided not to get vaccinated because they think they’re going to be tracked or the vaccine is experimental. The Government of Nunavut should really go ahead with the vaccine passport they are considering for Nunavut. Residents without a vaccine passport have to wear masks everyday if they want to get into public places. Stop bending over for people who choose to believe conspiracy theories over science.

    • Posted by S on

      More Rules-son, there is nothing incompatible between conspiracy ans science; one is regularly used to advance the other.

      Typically, lay-opinions offered under the auspice of advocating science are merely obeisance to authority or promtion of it; the balance are proclamation of religious beliefs

      • Posted by The Old Trapper on

        Science uses facts.
        Conspiracy uses conjecture.
        The two are incompatible.
        You are therefore wrong.

  2. Posted by articrick on

    “The person had returned to Rankin Inlet on Aug. 29 from travel outside of Nunavut and was symptomatic before travelling”, maybe should start implementing harsh fines. Too many at risk for such stubborness.

    • Posted by The Lollipop Guild on

      Hard not to agree. There’s no way a person who was symptomatic could have made it through whatever screening processes are in place without lying, assuming there are screening measures of some kind in place, that should be a given. If not, that’s a whole different barrel of turd.

      • Posted by Hi on

        I traveled one day after this person and other than the online forms for approval into the territory, there is absolutely no s reening along the way

    • Posted by Fines on

      “I feel fine, its just a cold. Plus the rules don’t apply to me, I have to go home for my kid going back to school. My wedding, my cousins funeral… ” Etc etc. Everyone thinks the rules don’t apply to them. Until people start getting held accountable for their actions or lack thereof, all these fines are pointless.

    • Posted by The Old Trapper on

      In March 2020 there were numerous verified stories of Canadians being repatriated who covered up their symptoms and after arrival tested positive for coronavirus. One was quoted as saying;
      “My priority was just being able to get on the first flight back to Canada. You know, no matter what the consequences were.”
      We have also seen numerous cases of false PCR tests and vaccine documents. We see from many international flights people who test positive on arrival in Canada – despite having a negative PCR test prior to boarding.
      The prevailing attitude is that people look out for themselves, not for others, which is why we need government regulations and oversight.
      It is after all the job of government to look after the health and well being of all citizens.

  3. Posted by yeah on

    Most other provinces are moving towards required vaccinations to participate in events, to shop and soon Canada wide travel will require the vaccination.
    It is time that Nunavut move towards this system of requirements. This doesn’t mean you must legally get the vaccine or your are forced to, it does mean you can sit at home and twiddle your thumbs so the rest of us don’t have to live in fear of you dyeing.

  4. Posted by things to do on

    You know what would help us through this time…. The Beer and Wine Store.
    When is it opening anyone know?

  5. Posted by CB on

    I was at the Iqaluit airport today for the first time in months – picking up a friend arriving from Ottawa. Everyone coming off the flight was wearing a mask but masks were quickly taken off at the luggage carousel by at least 12 passengers, all recognizably local residents. Some didn’t even care to pretend as they removed their luggage off the carousel, maskless. Brace yourselves folks, because given this shocking and brazenly egotistical and irresponsible behaviour, it’s only a matter of time before we’re in lockdown again. This behaviour is not aligned to Inuit Qaujimajatugqangit or basic human decency.

  6. Posted by The Old Trapper on

    I’m not sure why people don’t want to get the vaccine – it allows you to get 5G reception on your cell phone doesn’t it?
    JK – get vaccinated, there is no down side.

  7. Posted by It’s like children on

    I swear people don’t want to get vaccines because “mommy and daddy said I have to and I don’t listen to mommy and daddy!”

  8. Posted by vaccinated on

    if they were symptomatic before flight, why’d that person get on the plane?

    • Posted by Consistency on

      It wouldn’t necessarily be that easy to not get on the flight. if you just have a minor cough of feel a little under the weather but it is not really bad we have all been raised to suck it up. On top of that if you have people depending on you back home it would be really hard to say … well i dont really feel 100% so you know i am just not flying today. Think how you would react if your spouse said that to you when you have kids crying for the other parent.

      Easy to judge when it isnt you.

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