New Pond Inlet harbour expected to provide safety, economic benefits

The project was jointly funded by the federal government and the GN

A panoramic view of the new Pond Inlet community harbour. (Photo courtesy of Dennis Patterson)

By Meral Jamal

Pond Inlet’s new community harbour has officially opened.

Funded with $30 million from the federal government and $11 million from the Government of Nunavut, the harbour “plays a key role in providing food, supplies and tourism opportunities for the Northern Qikiqtani region,” federal minister Dominic LeBlanc said in a news release on the July 25 opening.

An aerial view of the new community harbour in Pond Inlet. (Photo courtesy of Dennis Patterson)

“This transformational asset will provide economic benefits and improve the overall safety of marine activities in the region.”

In a background document, the GN said the new harbour was needed because Pond Inlet’s shoreline offered no natural shelter for boat launching and docking facilities.

The construction contract was awarded in spring 2018, to allow the harbour to accommodate 130 vessels, plus moorage space for deeper-draft fishing vessels.

Also, two breakwater arms, a fixed dock, sealift barge ramp and floating docks.

Nunavut Sen. Dennis Patterson, who attended the opening, said the new harbour will help improve safety within the community.

Officials who attended the official opening of the Pond Inlet community harbour. From left: David Akeeagok, the territory’s Minister of Economic Development and Transportation, Mines, Trade and Energy, Karen Nutarak, MLA for Tununiq,  Joanna Quassa, MLA for Aggu, Minister of Culture and Heritage, Languages and Seniors, Sen. Dennis Patterson, John Hawkins, assistant deputy minister for transportation, Government of Nunavut. (Photo courtesy of Dennis Patterson)

“It’s not only going to be of assistance to hunters and fishers who are very active in Pond Inlet … it’s going to save lives and provide a safe haven that hasn’t been there [for community members] before,” he said.

He said the opening of the harbour also strengthens the hamlet’s local economy.

“I think the future for Pond Inlet and other Nunavut communities is to diversify its economy beyond government and service sector jobs,” he told Nunatsiaq News.

He said the new harbour will help Pond Inlet grow its tourism and fishing industries.

“Pond Inlet has been a major beneficiary of employment in the mining sector, but its potential for tourism and the fishery has yet to be tapped,” he said.

“I see the small craft harbour as the key support to developing our renewable resource economy, including the fishery and tourism.”


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(10) Comments:

  1. Posted by Paul on

    Thank you Liberal government and GN, I heard more communities will be getting similar ones too.

    • Posted by Dennis Patterson on

      Paul, the commitments to build the Smsall Crafts Harbour in Pond Inlet (and the new marine facilities now being completed in Iqaluit we’re actually made by the Conservative government of Stephen Harper and MP Leona Aglukkaq. Good on the current Liberal government (and the GN) for delivering on those commitments….

      • Posted by Paul on

        We can take that with a grain of salt as Leona started making promises at the end of election time with no guarantees the Cons would ever build these deep sea port and small craft harbours, yes it’s the Liberal government who stepped up and actually got them built.

        • Posted by Dulcinea on

          It was a commitment under the New Building Canada Fund announced with great fanfare in June 2015 and it’s hard to imagine the Conservatives reneging on that had they won the election.

          The real scandal, one that belongs to both parties, is DFO’s refusal to build harbours in ALL Nunavut communities, as the have done in the South.

          It’s true that DFO built the Pang harbour under Harper and Trudeau has committed to a handful more associated with marine conservation areas, but Nunavut needs harbours in all 25 communities.

  2. Posted by Igunaaqi on

    So the pile driving into the ocean for 2 years had nothing to do with the whales getting scattered everywhere? Or the orcas coming back bigger and stronger every year? Cause the whales were still going back to their migration routes before the pile driving started, its just easy to blame the mines right?

  3. Posted by Poof on

    Look out Paris! And now, suddenly, with the opening of this new state of the art community harbour, tourists have begun to flock the remote community of Pond Inlet

  4. Posted by Quiet helper on

    Pond Inlet wanted this for more than 20 years, i’m just glad i could have been a part of a community driven initiative that meant so much to everyone here, Quvianaa!

  5. Posted by Truestory on

    Make sure the cruise ship that goes there are following the rules. B.I.M. follows the rules when it comes to shipping.

  6. Posted by Not buying the BS on

    30 million from the federal government (hard working citizens) and 10 million from nunavut (2.25 million from the workers at BIM) and you people want hard working contributing citizens to build ports at every town?! Why don’t you support the people and jobs that are paying for your infrastructure and way of living because everybody knows there is only a handful of people still hunting and fishing using the ways your anchestors used to but you blame everyone else. Why is it you can blame the mine for lack of animals when nobody ever sees them. Why is it that an entire herd of caribou was hunted and shot while you protested this mine, the entire herd!! Does sound like people that know how to be sustainable (land guardians) the same people wanting to sue for sound ls from the boats when your traditional ways of hunting and survival isn’t with a boat motor or snow mobile. Yet you want bigger port for bigger boats (which also means bigger motors and sound) this is complete nonsense when you live non traditionally wanting to claim you do and have no idea of sustainability but you slaughter every single caribou, whales, seal, walrus with no regard for age, sex, maturity, breeding season. It’s much like the dolphins in Japan like pond inlet in the concept of kill every thing you can.
    You want to be sustainable you have to understand what that is. And wanting more and more from the government means people have to pay their taxes, not live on poverty

    • Posted by Is the north part of Canada? on

      This is a fine example of why we don’t have basic infrastructure in the north, while in the south it’s taken for granted.
      When we look at other place in the north Greenland, Scandinavia and even Russia we see all the infrastructure they have in the north but for a rich country like Canada we should just be happy to be part of Canada and not expect much.
      This attitude holds Canada back and it’s why Canada keeps falling behind compared to these northern countries.
      Happy Canada day.

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