No deal on Iqaluit pool


Iqaluit’s city council put off a decision to renew their lease on the community’s aging swimming pool, at a council meeting this past Tuesday.

That’s because they want to hear in person from the general manager of Nunastar, the owner of the building which houses the pool, about why their rent would rise by 8.8 per cent in each year of a proposed two-year deal. That means by 2008, the city would pay $213,540 to rent the space — more than $550 a day.

“There’s got to be some give and take here,” said Deputy Mayor Glenn Williams. “It’s very disappointing that it feels like they’re holding the city hostage.”

The city’s rented the pool since at least 1979. Their lease expires March 31, 2007.

“You’d think they’d at least come in. There would be a little mutual respect,” Williams said.

The city’s facilities manager, Simon Adams, said he is upset with negative media portrayals of the pool. “Let’s face it. It’s a hotel pool. It’s not at all designed for what we need in the community. We need a swimming pool,” he said.

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