No dopes in the Marijuana Party


I’m curious… does your newspaper refer to the Liberal Party as the “Fiberals,” the Bloc Quebecois as “Traitorous Pepsis?” Or the Conservatives as the “American Wannabe Party?”

For the benefit of your readers, Elections Canada doesn’t refer to us as the “Legal Dope” party. The Marijuana Party of Canada is a legally registered party which has been in existence for five years, and the courts have ruled the substance is legal for medical use.

I’m confident that the Nunatsiaq News and the Inuit community would be rightly upset if us in the South referred to you as “that Eskimo rag.” You may disagree with our message, but pejorative descriptors like “dope” are uncalled for.

Tim Meehan
Candidate for Ottawa South
Marijuana Party of Canada

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