No one wants Keewatin pipeline


When Goo Arlooktok came to Arviat under public pressure to discuss with the community this proposed pipeline November 6, he made a commitment to us stating that a decision would be made ‘no later than Monday’ (10 November) accompanied by a public announcement reflecting the wishes of the people in regards to the pipeline project.

He also stated he would honor the decision which was to come out of the mayors meeting held in Whale Cove this past weekend. All of the mayors were in agreement except for Coral Harbour that this proposed project should not proceed.

Why has an announcement not been made to date?

It appears the only people with something to gain from this ‘plan’ are two of our ministers and our interim commissioner.

At best, this pipeline scheme does not address any of the vital issues, such as the environmental issue, the dry cargo issue or the community issues.

At worst, the alleged ‘savings’ derived from such a plan are not really at the heart of the issue, but rather it takes on the appearance of a final gasp of particular ministers to fulfill personal agendas, and to leave their lasting impression on the Nunavut government with no benefit for the ordinary people. It takes on the stench of control, power and money.

The honorable minister assured us he was listening to the people. I hope so.

I suspect as result of this letter, we still may not get a clear announcement and most probably since this community has been most vocal against the minister’s wishes, we will no doubt continue to suffer reprisals both economically and socially.

Don St. John


(Editor’s note: Public Works Minister Goo Arlooktoo said last week that he will make an announcement regarding the GNWT’s Keewatin resupply pipeline project on November 28.)

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