North Greenland-High Arctic travel is very difficult


I want to share my sentiments on the need for continued contact between Nunavut and Greenland.

It’s true that the discontinuation of flights between the two northern communities has made contact very much more difficult.

Contact with North Greenland, between Grise Fiord and Qaanaaq, has been made much more difficult since 9/11. We have extended family there we can’t readily visit anymore. The cost is too much and the border laws are like an Iron Curtain now.

A study should be made to see if a northern air route can be feasible between Resolute Bay, Grise Fiord, Qaanaaq and Pond Inlet on a round-trip or monthly basis, or even on traffic need. Many communities have family ties with Greenland, even Igloolik.

Larry Audlaluk
Grise Fiord

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