NPC security system installed before board crisis


I am writing in response to the articles and editorials about the Nunavut Planning Commission in the June 3 and June 10 editions of Nunatsiaq News.

You say that your stories are based on a “package of documents leaked to Nunatsiaq News.”

Unfortunately, you appear to have received only part of the real story from a selection of documents. I cannot immediately provide you with the documents that would refute the allegations of wrongdoing, as that would go against board policies on confidentiality. I am sure that you would agree that it would be improper for the chair of the board to break the board’s policies simply because it would be convenient.

I can, however, assure you that allegations of withholding information, refusing to call meetings, and any other allegations of wrongdoing are misguided and untrue. The proof will come out over the next few weeks as independent impartial contractors complete the annual financial audit and a management audit that has already been commissioned. Both of these documents will be publicly released, and will allow people to see for themselves that there is no impropriety at the commission.

With regard to the suspension with pay of the NPC’s finance manager, the reasons for the suspension cannot be discussed without compromising the privacy of the person involved. I expect to make a more final determination on her future once I have reviewed the results of the financial audit.

The errors in your articles are numerous. For instance, you claim that “soon after, the locks are changed and a motion-detector system is installed at NPC’s main office, in Cambridge Bay.” The finance manager, who you cast as a person conspired against, was the person who had initiated the installation of a keyless entry system.

We do not claim that our board is perfect. All boards have their misunderstandings and disagreements at times. In the meantime, I would urge you, and other members of the public not to rush to judgments based on partial information.

My focus is on getting the board back to work. I hope and presume that is also the focus of the other board members.

Bob Lyall
Nunavut Planning Commission

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