Nunatsiaq News blinded by warped, pro-gay agenda


Your pro-gay agenda is so obvious that you are blinded by their rhetoric and warped ideas of what is normal and what is abnormal in human society. As far as the bishops in various churches are concerned, they will be judged for their actions (if they really believed in God in the first place) by a far higher authority.

Being opposed to homosexual activities and lifestyle is not being opposed to the “person.” You don’t seem to be getting that message! Being opposed to an action and lifestyle choice is far different than being opposed to the actioner.

The rights and freedoms of the gay and lesbian person is already guaranteed by the Charter as much as my rights and freedoms are guaranteed. I do not go running to change the law because someone of another persuasion, faith or chosen lifestye criticizes me.

Ian Ridpath,
Milton, Ontario

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