Nunavik co-ops remain open and well-stocked, says federation

Supply chain hasn’t been disrupted by coronavirus pandemic

The federation of Nunavik co-ops says its stores remain open and well-stocked. (Screenshot via FCNQ)

By Nunatsiaq News


he federation of Nunavik co-operatives says its stores remain open and well-stocked, despite the global coronavirus pandemic.

“We estimate that the 14 cooperatives have enough provisions to last one to two months and this, without counting the stocks of dried goods delivered on the last maritime transport, which are enough to last until July 2020,” states a news release by Ilagiisaq–Fédération des coopératives du Nouveau-Québec, on Friday, March 20.

Mary Johannes, Ilagiisaq’s president, said it isn’t necessary to rush out and stock up on groceries for fear of shelves going bare. In the south, she said the federation is working hard to keep its warehouses stocked and coordinate shipments.

She added that recent restrictions made by the airlines as a result of the threat of the virus have not affected Ilagiisaq’s ability to keep its stores stocked.

“We are conscious that we offer an essential service and we are doing what is necessary to ensure that Nunavimmiut are not lacking in anything,” she said.

She added that fuel stores are also healthy and the supply chain has not changed.

As well, Johannes said the co-operatives have, for now, stopped disabling Co-op Cable TV accounts with outstanding invoices, in order to allow Nunavimmiut to stay informed.

While there remain no confirmed cases of coronavirus in Nunavik, the co-ops are taking steps to mitigate the health risk to staff and the public.

Local co-ops are reinforcing hygiene and cleanliness, and customers are asked to come to the store in limited numbers—one or two people, rather than the whole family. As well, anyone presenting symptoms, such as a cough or fever, is asked to remain at home.

To reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus, non-essential travel within Nunavik has been suspended for federation employees. Those who offer essential services, like mechanical support, will still be able to travel.

“Our priority is the health of our members, our clients and our employees,” Johannes said. “Our cooperatives have been very proactive on this front.”

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(4) Comments:

  1. Posted by Concerned on

    Wine and beer sales should be stopped for now. It’s noticed that the Co-op Facebook page is not updated. Employee at one Co-op is posting the new hours, and the changes in beer sales, but it’s not on the Co-op page. It appears since essential services only to open in the south, that wine and beer will soon not be available at the two points of sale, as I would expect. That’s very good news for the population if that is to be.

  2. Posted by Not just Co-op on

    It’s not just the Co-op that has this idea of invincible, but there’s concern about places like the Health Board and social services head office who remains open as it seems with full operational, in Nunavik largest town. The staff may have been told to work overtime. Excuses for being at work, is no printers and scanner at home , all the way to thinking that those in the office working are somehow keeping us safe. It’s inappropriate, unneeded and it’s a bad example to what the safety measure are at this time in Quebec and Canada. It would be devastating if the covid came from one of these transients workers who are always going on overseas vacation and defer pay, now in the office, not necessarily doing us any good, wake up .

  3. Posted by Is fcnq open? on

    I’m wondering about the staff at fcnq in south. Are they still at work? Will they be willing to come to Nunavik and work in the stores, if people start getting sick, because Co-op remains open, hey ?

  4. Posted by Party continues on

    The co-op has reduced the days that there are wine and beer sales. That’s good. Restrictions, but still selling. I’m hoping that reduce number of customer can also be imposed. We all know the lineups. What I’m seeing from the community level in the largest Nunavik community is a fairly good responsibility applies and people are mostly following it to stay home. There are however, notable hot spots of non-compliance, in that the party continues. Still a number of party goers in vehicles, 4 or 5 , or more intoxicating younger people going around. A few groups of all night party goers coming out of this and that house in the morning, edge their way homeward in staggering fashion.

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