Nunavik COVID-19 cases back above 200 for 2nd day in a row

The spike comes after a brief drop to the low 100s

This chart shows the recent uptick in Nunavik’s COVID-19 cases. (Image courtesy of the Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services)

By Nunatsiaq News

There are more than 200 cases of COVID-19 in Nunavik for a second day in a row after a brief drop last week.

The Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services reported 28 new cases Monday, for a total of 219 across the region.

Last week, active cases in Nunavik dropped to 129, before shooting back up to 219 over the weekend.

Akulivik currently has the highest number of active cases with 88. The health board reported 14 new cases in the community on Monday.

Salluit accounts for 75 of the region’s cases.

The board of health also reported an additional 28 recoveries on Monday.

Currently, the communities of Kuujjuaq, Tasiujaq, Aupaluk, Kangirsuk, Salluit and Akulivik are under a “red alert” lockdown, which means there is evidence of ongoing local transmission.

Gatherings with people from other households are banned in these communities and non-essential businesses are closed.

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(12) Comments:

  1. Posted by Jr on

    Red alert lockdown town is easy. Hang out in your shack after 10pm curfew with your crew. Other peoples cant see because they are inside their house lockdown. Small party with my buds is ok they got tested in October. Duh!

    • Posted by Older adults in shacks on

      It’s not very difficult to see who’s having the party. It’s not your average teenager group. Nope, it’s our aged immature neglecting , child abusing drug and booze infestation groups. Those that go around with back pack on their backs, and otherwise stuffed into a little garbage bag for a window balled tire car with one light and no bumper. The same ones , or a big portion of them , who used other people’s money at the coop store, all the while getting ready to assault the same people they got money from. It’s a new group of so called Inuit , that would disappoint the ancestors into coming out of their graves and quickly diving back into the ground in nauseating dissatisfaction. Some of the even get successful into getting a ride to a cabin out there somewhere and lights on all night up to no good behaviour. Most of them can’t read and have no clue that theyr3 being discussed. Next time those of you who can read, seeing what you always see, write something about it too, and if you know such people don’t mix with them for the sake of your future.

      • Posted by Nunavimmiuk on

        Very well said. Thank you.

  2. Posted by Doc on

    Get your vaccine, its easy and safe.

  3. Posted by Paul Irqu on

    Now our grandchildren are supposed to be vaxxed. When does this end?

  4. Posted by Kuujjuaq going from red to orange soon. on

    Kuujjuaq will have some restrictions llifted as of November 22, as by the representatives of regional health board and municipality on fm at noon. Even Schools and daycares will reopen. Big mistake! Just watch the covid transmission getting worse as a result. When kids are put together again , as good as it maybe for their education, we all want that, but it’s very risky to go from red to orange in the midst of the numbers we are seeing each day in our already designated red zone. This lifting of restrictions may even be incompetence on part of the authorities. One of the rationales behind that lifting of the restrictions is: we can’t live in the red zone, forever, covid will always be among us. Yes, truth in that reasoning, but only when we get to a lowering of numbers by having more vaccinated, not as by the numbers still climbing as we see at the present time. Get ready for a upward surge.

    • Posted by Permission granted on

      There could be red to orange and back to red very quickly. The partying continues, and doing away with restrictions so soon is the same as saying, not intentionally, but it’s the same as saying, keep on partying, and also is to be saying keep on being unvaccinated. The people that are causing the spread only understand very concrete and low level parts of the bigger message anyway. They do not understanding in the way most people understand. Therefore the restrictions lifted are only going to make it worse. The regional board needs to make restrictions that address the partying, the uneducated, the unvaccinated. Lift restrictions should be done in a way, as to reward the vaccinated and address the unvaccinated.

  5. Posted by Orange +(plus) on

    Have you ever heard of the colour orange plus? That’s the new colour designated to Kuujjuaq in updated restrictive measures starting November 22, re the covid situation. Kuujjuaq is going from red to orange says the regional board of health, oops they say thereafter , it’s not orange, but orange plus. Now I think orange plus has an eerie tingle to it. It’s like a suggestion of uncertainty of whether to be orange or red. Orange plus. If the numbers of positive cases don’t go down to an appropriate orange level, don’t worry, we’re covered, or at least the designation issuers are covered in their decision with orange plus.

    • Posted by How complicated do they have to make it? on

      Let’s just call it red.

    • Posted by New Chimo on

      The health board should do a public consultation before assigning a blanket label on the village.
      A few options:
      Frozen pumpkin.
      Mixed berries.
      Spring fishing tan.
      Orange regular.
      Orange king size.
      Iqaluk orange.
      Oki orange.
      The devils orange.
      2 in the pink 1 in the orange.
      Orange Ice 6.0%.
      Orange Light.
      C Plus.

  6. Posted by Nunavik Covid-19, whose in charge? on

    It seems like Nunavik leadership is not sure of whose in charge of making vital decisions about covid restrictions. Take the recent red to orange plus designation. Kuujjuaq daycare opened as restrictions were lifted. The schools we’re supposed to open also. The regional health board approved to allow kids to go back to school, but wait, the KI overrode that decision and are not permitting the schools to open in kuujjuaq. Personally I’m concerned in two opposites. I want the kids to go back to school, but I’m concerned with covid spreading more so among school children, especially since the younger ones are not yet vaccinated. But my point here is: how can the school board make a decision contradicting the regional health authority decision? Yes, even if the school board is rightfully so, doesn’t it not have authority over health matters? That’s the health board’s decision. Something wrong here. As far as I know the health authority is keeping with its decision, and KI overrides. I’m with KI on this , but it depletes my confidence in health board.

    • Posted by Dam if we do, dam if we don’t on

      I want the kids to go back to school, and is concerned about their education and mental health as by being out of school, like how are they feeling? I also want the health authorities to have full control of making all decisions about the restrictions in this pandemic of covid. But when the health authorities make a decision and that decision is challenged by the education sector, and the education sector is successful in having its way, then I’m a little concerned. What could this mean? It could mean the health department made a decision that was flawed, and easily challenged to it’s demise. Otherwise the health board must pulled rank over the education department, as this is a health issue. The health board must stand up for its decision and don’t forget , the health board has an obligation to do so. Don’t forget also the mental health of our children is in this as well.

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