Nunavik doles out social housing for 2020-21

Region will build 64 new units next year

Nunavik will get 64 new social housing units in 2020, and another 64 units the following year. (Photo by Sarah Rogers)

By Sarah Rogers

Nunavik will get 64 new social housing units next year, spread out in six of the region’s communities.

The Kativik Municipal Housing Bureau announced housing allocations at the recent meeting of the Kativik Regional Government’s council in Kuujjuaraapik.

In 2020, Kangiqsujuaq and Puvirnituq will be the big recipients of new homes, with 16 units destined for each community (eight one-bedroom and eight two-bedroom units each).

Kangiqsualujjuaq, Kuujjuaraapik, Salluit and Umiujaq will each receive eight new housing units in 2020.

The allocations are based on the KMHB’s regular housing surveys, which identify needs in each of Nunavik’s 14 communities.

Though social housing is typically announced for the year to come, the KMHB also announced allocations for 2021.

That may be because, after years of negotiating short-term agreements, the region finally reached a five-year funding agreement with both the federal and provincial governments last year.

That tripartite agreement will see Ottawa pay out $25 million a year until 2022, while Quebec pays the operating costs.

In 2021, another 64 new homes will be built in the region. Puvirnituq and Salluit will receive 16 units each; 12 in Kuujjuaq, eight each for Kuujjuaraapik and Umiujaq and four in Inukjuak.

The KMHB’s latest housing survey from 2017 showed a deficit of about 800 homes across the region.

The survey found that certain existing homes were overcrowded, while others have empty bedrooms, so the housing bureau has been looking at relocating certain households to more appropriately sized units.

The same survey also found that more tenants are living alone; 492 individuals live on their own in Nunavik, suggesting the region could use more one-bedroom units, which made up about half of the new housing announced for 2019.

The region will see 134 new social housing units built this year.

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  1. Posted by Renter on

    Whats the rent arrears in nunavik at now

  2. Posted by TGC on

    On the KMHB expenditures ledger the benefits and top salary to KMHB staff has been a sideways boon to them after years of political wrangling between govs and Makivik Corp. It is out of whack for an average Nunavik worker. And then there were well over cost of living rent increases for many years…. the arrears are bad as well but evictions are enforced to the bigger offenders watch for those roadside household belongings coming to a village near you.

  3. Posted by Igloo on

    Our story is here within. Depending on the south for our houses. Too bad we couldn’t take our thousand of years of house making into this new way. Nope, we need the south to do it for us. Our igloo making is for festivals showing only. How come we show off our house making , our igloos are for showing , but not for reality. Why can’t sustain ourselves with that concept. Many people also see it as I do. It’s sort of helplessness. We have one of the best programs in the country for house ownership, but nope, no motivation to do it within the majority of nunavik population. In its stead, we have big trucks, big boats, and people buying drugs and beer with nothing other than that. Those with money are not aware of their own blessing.

  4. Posted by dweller on

    The social housing they build, just don’t seem to fit what the northern dwellers actually need to live comfortably in harsh northern climate we live in. Just who is or who are the architects, that don’t ever seem to show up how we want our housing to be built.

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