Nunavik families told to keep Christmas gatherings small

Gathering sizes based on community’s COVID-19 alert level

Salluit, seen here, has 13 of the 17 active cases of COVID-19 in Nunavik as of Thursday. (File photo)

By Nunatsiaq News

Families in Nunavik can host small, indoor gatherings during the Christmas holidays, the Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services announced Thursday, as the downward trend in active COVID-19 cases continues.

The board unveiled its holiday gathering guidelines on Facebook, which are in effect between Dec. 23 and Jan. 3. The guidelines vary between municipalities, and are determined by Quebec’s colour-coded alert levels.

In the two communities that remain on red alert, Akulivik and Salluit, indoor gatherings involving a maximum of only two households are allowed. The board says only the same two households should be interacting with each other indoors.

In the two communities on yellow alert, Kuujjuarapik and Kangiqsualujjuaq, gatherings of 20 people are allowed, if everyone is fully vaccinated.

In communities with an orange or orange+ alert level, which includes the rest of Nunavik, gatherings of 10 people or five guests are allowed.

Region-wide, the board is not setting limits for outdoor gatherings, as long as people are physical distancing and organizers are keeping track of participants.

Cases across Nunavik continue to trend downward. On Thursday, the board reported no new cases of COVID-19. Across the region, there were 17 active cases as of Thursday, including 13 in Salluit.

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(7) Comments:

  1. Posted by My father he was orange and me mother she was green. on

    It appears many are confused with the colours and the colourful attachments that go with it. Orange is not orange unless it’s orange plus, or is orange plus ready orange anyway? And red seems to stay red too long for many. Yellow and green is having the best of it. Now for the gatherings: you can have 10 people, oops that’s 5 guest according to one report. I wondering how to have only 5 guest, but being alone, I won’t have 10 people in that 5 guest limit. , or should I have 10 guest, and hide away 5 in the shed? This colourful numbering game should turn into a Christmas raffle or something.

    • Posted by NUNAVIMIUK on

      DEJAVU !!!

    • Posted by Hmm.. on

      Someone really didn’t think this through, though. Very confusing.

  2. Posted by What colour and how many vaccinated or not vaccinated allowed indoors ? on

    In the red alert areas two households can gather indoors. It doesn’t say vaccinated or not. Some households are big numbers too. It doesn’t say how many can gather in the two households, in the red areas. So 20 souls can gather indoors if vaccinated in the yellow areas. Ok, that’s clear. How many can gather if not vaccinated? 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 , up to 19 not vaccinated? 10 can gather together indoors, in the orange areas. Can unvaccinated be in those 10 or are they to be vaccinated? I see confusion all over the page. Not to knock you, but clear as mud is not clear. There’s a wide open potential in the 12 days of Christmas, as by the regulations.

  3. Posted by If colour blind and can’t count. on

    We’ll now, if you’re colour blind and can’t count, there might be a problem here. Maybe that was the problem the last few months with the new outbreak. People were so busy trying to figure out which colour goes with which number, in what language, and announced on what media, referring to what community. All the while trying to see who’s vaccinated and who’s not, to go somewhere essentially or nonessentially! Maybe forgetting not only hats, mitts and gloves, but mask and vacci codes, ending up in this tent , and that tent , to see doctor , nurse or get some blood drawn, or a X-ray, not to mention , a regular checkup, mistaken for Covid, and put in warm rooms , screened, tested and quarantined and retested and tested again. Treated by nervous medical staff, in gowns, mask, face shield, and don’t forget misunderstandings, fake news, noncompliance, fear and stigmatized. I believe very much in vaccination, and this can be avoided if people just get the shot, but I also like to see less confusion and have a better planning by authorities.

  4. Posted by Get ready for omicron on

    Omicron is living a striving well down Montreal way. When we jump on the jet or dash, we jump off in Montreal remember. There’s only a flight away, and we leave Montreal and open the door a few hours later and there’s Nunavik at the mercy of what we bring. The regional health board is quiet so far, in indicating a plan for that wave of Omicron. That’s concerning if there’s no plan or anticipation of what if. And (what if )will become what now, if we don’t get on board with having some preventative measures in place. Not to wait until it cripples us again , with more restrictions and worse, more sickness to our population. We must plan ahead, always, not letting our actions to be only when it hits.

    • Posted by Hmm.. on

      You can plan all you want but the fact remains that really.. some don’t like to listen at all. Omicron may be more contagious but they never should have said it is a less intense variant. This only gives people a reason to rebel.

      My question is, if one were to rebel, what consequences will be given to that person? I believe the ones in quarantine should be considered no less than that of people under house arrest. Random calls.. if they don’t answer, report and face charges of endangering the public. If they don’t want to be confined to their quarantine, it’s as simple as not travelling.

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