Nunavik health board annual general meeting opens in Kuujjuaq

Departments, regional health centres to make presentations at 1st in-person AGM since start of pandemic

The Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services is hosting its annual general meeting in Kuujjuaq Tuesday and Wednesday. (File photo by Jeff Pelletier)

By Nunatsiaq News

The Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services’ annual general meeting is underway in Kuujjuaq.

The meeting runs Tuesday and Wednesday at Kativik Town Hall.

For the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic started in 2020, the meeting is being held in person and is open for the public to attend. It is also being broadcast across the region on TNI Radio 94.1 FM.

The meeting will feature presentations from each of the Nunavik health board’s departments, as well as from the Inuulitsivik Health Centre and Ungava Tulattavik Health Centre.


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(9) Comments:

  1. Posted by KUUJJUAMIUK on

    Very slow news day

  2. Posted by Chesley on

    These are I believe public meetings. It is An opportunity for anyone in town to be more engaged in the well being locally/regionally, individually/collectively. Good luck and much success to everyone attending.

    • Posted by What? on

      These meetings should take opportunities like this, if there’s good attendance, to discuss the drug, alcohol! And deplorable state of the region. Discuss the present situation and foresee with insight the future of our children. Nunavik is literally the talk of the world for it’s ridiculous treatment of children. It’s all hidden under the blame of fostering, not acknowledging the core issues within. Fostering is a terrible thing for kids, but it’s the parents who make bad, terrible decisions that cause children to be up rooted in first place. No one should meet like is going on this week, without addressing the real issues.

  3. Posted by The meet and greets are back again on

    Yes, not just the regional health board but all organizations, plus public. All this lead by public health board. Not concerned about Covid, as much as the same old setting , with same old talks from same old people . People go vote for your same old ideas from the coop member election. You’ll do all theses meets and greets a favour! Keeping the famous 4 o’clock sale item going and going.

    • Posted by ChesLey on

      It is An open public meeting, speak with a chairman if you feel there are issues that aren’t getting enough attention and resources. It would do you and probably many others good to have the directors ear. Gripeing is an automatic thing when the are problems not being dealt with, however that alone does little good.

      • Posted by Enlightened suddenly on

        Oh yes, I get it. Just tell the chairman of each committee and board meeting, that’ll do it. We must’ve been doing it all wrong over the many many years of nothingness happening as a result of the discussions about out state of affairs. Know what to do now, just let the chairman know. Hey, it’s not about the acknowledgment of the said issues, it’s the useless response of doing anything about it. If any director or chairman doesn’t have insight into our conditions then it could make sense why we are the way we are.

  4. Posted by Who is in charge now on

    Is it true that Minnie Grey retired? Was anyone appointed to replace her?

    • Posted by If I said it was true on

      If I said it was true, would you believe me? Suppose it wasn’t true, then that would make it be a rumour. An old Indian was asked down in James bay by Quebec politician, if the fish would swim over the dam at LG2, old Indian said: ask the fish.

    • Posted by john on

      yes and yes

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