This diagram from the Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services shows the steps that travellers from southern Canada to Nunavik must follow. If you don’t think a Nunavik resident is following these steps, you can now report them to the health board by email. (Image courtesy of the NRBHSS)

Nunavik health board invites residents to report quarantine breakers

“Would you like to notify the authorities, but you don’t know how? This is now possible.”

By Jane George

The Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services says you can report people you think may be breaking COVID-19-preventive restrictions by sending in a confidential email.

“Have you witnessed anyone breaking quarantine and are you worried about the safety of your community? Would you like to notify the authorities, but you don’t know how? This is now possible,” the health board said in a recent social media posting.

The health board said that if you are concerned about someone breaking their quarantine, you can send an email to

You’ll have to include the name of your community, the name of the person who is not respecting the quarantine, the date and time you saw the person, the place where you saw the person and a description of the situation in which you saw them, such as shopping, driving around or walking with friends.

“Your identity will not be revealed,” the health board said. “Understand that no follow-up email on the investigation results will be sent to you.”

The basic preventive measure against COVID-19 in Nunavik is isolation, the health board said: “14 days in a row (uninterrupted) without contact with other people.”

During that time, the health board said you need to monitor yourself and the members of your household for symptoms every day and comply with the preventive measures, such as wearing a mask in public places, observing social distancing and washing your hands.

You can go outside, either alone or accompanied by people who are quarantined with you, but you can’t have visitors come to your home or go to public places such as grocery stores.

But you can have food or medication delivered to your home.

Among those who are allowed to complete their quarantine in Nunavik are former detainees from southern Quebec detention centres. They spend most of their quarantine at a southern hotel, where they are tested on the seventh day of their stay. If a negative test result is received, they can return to their communities on day 10 or 11 to finish their remaining days of quarantine.

The former detainees also have to redo a COVID-19 test seven days after they get back to their communities.

“They are closely monitored during their quarantine at the hotel to ensure strict compliance with the quarantine rules,” the health board said.

The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Nunavik since the beginning of the pandemic now stands at 28, according to Santé Québec.

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(9) Comments:

  1. Posted by NUNAVIMIUK on

    I know , a few people , who went down south then came back and didn t do thier 14 day. But the thing is i m not a snitch.

  2. Posted by Listen up healthy board on

    The Nunavik board of health and social services is out of their tree so to speak, and has been so since day one of the pandemic. Look at that map, what a confusion to the population. And now they want to bring strife to the population by plotting Mary against joe, in a ratty snitched game. Healthy board wake up.

    • Posted by UNGAVA on

      Is there $$$ reward.

  3. Posted by Consequently on

    What will the board of health do, as a report of not quarantine comes to them? Who will enforce what where how and when? Will the law enforcement be involved? Surely snitching and rats are just waiting to oblige. What about all those hospital workers, I’m not talking about doctors nurses and other vital staff, I’m referring to people like Human Resources, maintenance, etc. They are coming and going freely. Most important is: why is the board of health imposing this snitching? Is there a problem with our quarantine situation as a population. The board of health would do better , if they monitor their own workers , hospitals including.

  4. Posted by whats being done on

    When the survey is completed, phone numbers and addresses are mandatory. is there any follow up on this? by who?
    In the last 6 weeks, i have been in isolation for 28 days. ( 2 x 14 days) – i never received a single telephone call or home visit.
    Can this be explained? Why mandate isolation if there is no plan in place to enforce it

    • Posted by Yup, no follow up on

      Recently a family member travelled, got tested according to protocol, and never heard from health authorities thereafter, as the family member was waiting , at least follow up, and call them , or email reassurance. Even if negative, it’s nice to know someone is monitoring with follow up

  5. Posted by Snitch on

    Yea, use fear to turn people into tattle tails. Stupid, i would never call

  6. Posted by Hear ye on

    Hear one for you board of health: there are many health board workers and hospital staff going on vacation every few months, coming back to Nunavik and not going into quarantine. You see them getting off the plane , and in the stores the same day. Can you address this issue? Your turn board of health.

  7. Posted by No good on

    Mostly Essential workers don’t do 14 days of Quarantine after they arrived from downsouth, put us in risk, some workers are so hesitate to wear masks. Something needs to change because we might bring the virus before we know it.

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