Nunavik introduces new alcohol restrictions prompted by COVID-19 pandemic

Limits meant to curb threat of the virus spreading in the region

New alcohol restrictions have been introduced across Nunavik to reduce the risk of those engaged in heavy drinking spreading the new coronavirus. (Screenshot)

By Nunatsiaq News

New alcohol restrictions are being rolled out across Nunavik to help prevent the spread of the new coronavirus.

“These restrictions are imposed to limit the harm associated with heavy drinking in the context of the risks of COVID-19 transmission in Nunavik,” states the announcement, made on Facebook on Thursday, March 26, by the Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services, Kativik Civil Security and the Kativik Regional Government.

The restrictions limit the purchase of alcohol at both Kuujjuaq and Puvirnituq’s Co-op stores to either 12 beers or one litre of wine, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

As well, Nunavimmiut can purchase a limit of 12 beers or one litre of wine from businesses outside Nunavik that ship into the region, on Mondays and Thursdays.

The Kativik Regional Police Force will review any orders to these outside businesses, according to the announcement. Police have the authority to refuse or delay orders deemed too high for a community or household.

These restrictions were put in place by Marie Rochette, regional director of public health, and Jean-Pierre Larose, director of public security and chief of the Kativik Regional Police Force. They will remain in place until April 13 and will then be reviewed.

There are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Nunavik as of Thursday, March 26.

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(19) Comments:

  1. Posted by Very good on

    Wonderful news. Now if only they can find out where the sale of illegal drugs are being sold out of which houses, and go get them. Surely should be easier to detect sources of sale points, as traffic to and fro will be outstanding.

    • Posted by Drug dealer wear mask and gloves on

      Listen up you drug dealers and your illegal drug buyers. Bootleggers too. You are one of those groups not respecting the physical distancing and putting your communities in danger. There’s more reason now to stop you in your tracks. Everyone should be more encouraged to turn you in to the police. Report the houses where this traffic of people are flowing. Police can be a little more active here too.

  2. Posted by Walter Ashworth on

    This seems like a terrible idea. Alcohol withdrawal can lead to hospitalization (and then possibly importing into the community?). Please mention a helpline in the article.

    • Posted by Withdrawal on

      Oh yes alcohol withdrawal can be a medical emergency. But double pneumonia is also a medical emergency, and the worst case complication of covid-19. Just remember the potential to spread this virus needs addressing, it may out weigh the need to care medically for the alcoholic. What I’m saying is very possible, if the hospital staff gets to triage. And also remember that alcoholism is not a big issue in Nunavik, as is nuisance drinking, and trouble makers. I guess we have to pay for our sins here. If the idiots were not so, we could still have our beer without restrictions. Little kids may have a better life now.

  3. Posted by Boozer on

    You think , people are going to stop drinking, here in kuujjuaq , the lines will be 200 deep three times a week. I like , my booze , and will be in the lineup 3 times a week , I will ask my friends, family memembers help me get my fix.

    • Posted by Line up on

      That’s the dangerous part of the restrictions, the rush, the line ups. I’m sure there’ll be even drunks in the line, bothering others. It may need to be totally banned. The spread of the virus has more dire consequences that dealing with withdrawal. Even thou, withdrawal is bad, and cuts into the medical time, but it’s all about the better of two evils. As far as dealing with bootlegger, I’m sure that’s all but over for them.

  4. Posted by Well listen up on

    Well if people don’t follow the restrictions, for whatever reason, sorry little boys, and ladies, but the total ban on alcohol sales is just a next step.

  5. Posted by Troublemakers on

    Banning alcohol sales in Nunavik is not the same as banning it in the south. Banning it in the south , the concern is not so much the trouble maker but the alcoholic. Now banning it in Nunavik has mostly keeping it away from trouble makers. The trouble maker alcohol abuser causes so much damage to Nunavik, there’s not an alcoholic problem as much as an alcohol troublesome society that can’t handle alcohol. Banning it in Nunavik would be a blessing to Inuit society.

  6. Posted by Back to traditional life on

    We hear it all the time, and see it so plain, that alcohol don’t belong in Inuit society. As said, it’s not part of who we are. So now , it’s coming soon, Inuit will get their ways back, alcohol will not be part of Inuit society anymore. I know this is wishful thinking, but who knows what might be ?

  7. Posted by Name withheld on

    I think this is well implemented and the Government of Nunavut has to do this!! The apartment building I live at are still getting together and parting and clearly don’t have respect for social distancing

  8. Posted by Not the mayor me on

    Holy Sammy, this may backfire on to Kuujjuaq. The restrictions are causing more line ups. Shut it down Completely or put it back to the at it was. Please go see for yourself, it’s lineups like never before.

  9. Posted by Perfect time for bootleggers on

    Air Inuit should screen boxes going to the region also. For sure the bootleggers must be happy that cargo hasn’t been suspended.

    • Posted by Sitting ducks on

      They’ll be sitting ducks because the movement of people will be directed to that house. Cops will more likely be on the lookout and gather evidence needed!

  10. Posted by Wow on

    I hope some people will give up drinking.
    Be safe.

    • Posted by Wowee on

      And give up drugs too. Some brain cells are burnt and can’t think properly anymore; too much consumption over many years.

  11. Posted by Sober guy on

    What a way to practice social distancing. Gathering them in the masses during the days that allow beer sales? Haha, someone didn’t think this through! First covid case in salluit.. could be all over nunavik by now. Either stop it entirely or allow them beer runs on the daily to avoid mass gatherings.

  12. Posted by Covid -19 or alcohol on

    As I’ve been studying alcohol abuse in Nunavik for many years, I see a major concern getting more so.. Some people , too many, are likely to die from covid -19 in their pursuit of the drink. This might be so in many places, but in Nunavik, death by alcohol , is very very high with or without the virus. The virus will be no deterrent for many people, alcohol is too important. People practicing physical distancing must avoid the Co-op is a hot spot.

  13. Posted by Is this a joke? on

    All this to prevent harm from heavy drinking during the pandemic, as though, harm without a pandemic alcohol related is not really there. This is crazy. It’s stupid. There are more people lining up at the Co-op in kuujjuaq than ever before. For those that have made that rule, go out and see it’s picture perfect craziness.

  14. Posted by Desperate on

    Picture perfect desperation. The picture is worth a thousand words, but covid-19 could possibly like it very much. The line up for trouble. It’s Monday too, not a Friday , or weekend night, it’s Monday, the start of the week. The line up. Next beer and wine day for sales will be Wednesday. Go see, the people lined up, the drunks in line too. The cigarette smokers sharing cigarettes. Big smiles on their faces p, unaware of life itself.

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