Nunavik Inuit can now travel to and from region

But travellers still required to complete 14-day quarantine

Nunavik Inuit can now travel to and from the region, the KRG said on July 31. (Photo by M. Taylor/Canadian North)

By Sarah Rogers

Nunavik Inuit can now travel to and from the region, the Kativik Regional Government announced today.

In fact, all Inuit beneficiaries of the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement, regardless of where they live, can now travel to and from the region.

Following a region-wide lockdown on commercial air travel in mid-March, regional authorities opted to open up intercommunity travel between Nunavik’s 14 communities on June 18.

Earlier this week, health authorities said they were looking at ways to help families reunite safely with relatives living outside the region.

“We are talking with community leaders about southern Inuit who would like to visit their families up north, so we’re in discussion about how to do that without putting community members at risk,” said Dr. Marie Rochette, Nunavik’s director of public health, earlier this week.

“That’s our priority right now.”

Now, travellers can book flights between Kuujjuaq and Montreal, although all travellers must go into quarantine for a 14-day period before or after arriving in Nunavik, or a combination of both, the KRG said on July 31.

Travel in and out of the region is not permitted for non-residents or non-beneficiaries, unless they are approved as essential workers.

As of Aug. 3, all flights headed to Nunavik must depart from the Montreal airport to help streamline that screening process. The Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services has a screening centre set up at the airport dedicated to Nunavik-bound travellers.

Nunavik health officials are also in talks with the Government of Nunavut to look at a possible travel bubble within the two regions.

Currently, Nunavik has no active cases of COVID-19. As of July 26, 432 residents have been tested for the virus, as well as 1,663 visitors.

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  1. Posted by treat us same as workers on

    Workers from south are tested before coming up then go to work same day. I have 1 week vacation only and then I got to stay home for 2 weeks when I return? Why not test us like you test workers before I come home? Im not gonna get paid to stay home for 2 weeks!! No I don’t want covid up here but test us like you testing southern workers! And so many workers come up and go shopping same day. looks like different rules for them.

  2. Posted by worker on

    For your info, KI employees coming up North have to lockdown 3 days at the hotel after testing before flying to the community. Then, we do quarantine at home in our village.
    Also, I see a different way to manage with locals and qalunats. Must be the same rules for everyone.
    We don’t play with this sickness! I can’t imagine how they will control all these travelers after they get back home.

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