Nunavik police arrest, charge man in beating death

Suspect charged in connection to June 3 death in Akulivik

A suspect has been charged in the alleged beating death of a Nunavik man on June 3 in the Hudson coast community of Akulivik. (Photo courtesy of KRPF)

By Sarah Rogers

A suspect has been charged in the alleged beating death of a Nunavik man.

Kativik Regional Police Force officers responded to an altercation at a home in Akulivik on June 3.

Witnesses said a man was threatening a woman in a home. When another man stepped in to break up the argument, the suspect severely beat the intervenor, who died from his injuries.

Billy Amittuq, 40, has been arrested and charged with second degree murder in connection to the death of Eli Qaqatuk, 32.

Amittuq remains in custody, and the investigation has been turned over to the Sûreté du Québec.

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  1. Posted by Wow on

    Wow he died a hero ❤️ A lot of people look the other way but this man saved her life.

    Root cause domestic violence! We must start making an awareness of high domestic violence and murders in Nunavik. There should be more support in place for those in need no matter what

    • Posted by Alcohol? on

      Sulijumit uqarputit. Truth is stated right here

  2. Posted by Alcohol is Killing many!! STOP IT!! on

    So many of Deaths all winter & spring :
    So much of violence and accidents with alcohol involve I wish people (People who sell Alcohol for Qallunaaks) would just Stop! They don’t give a damn! As long as they’re making Big profits! $12,99 to $120,00 and $26,99 to $300,00! : Countless deaths from alcohol dying in many ways , So many people are gone! Gone from this earth “They we’re Sons Daughters , Mother’s Fathers , Brothers sisters , friends and cousins! So many children have no mother or father , some are fostered , A lot of Inuit people are living their lives in jails some for Life! {Children & Elders are very important too! They cannot defend themselves especially there is nowhere to Go for them when their family or parents are Drunk or Drinking} I’ve lost friends! I wish there is a way to Stop the Bootleggers!! Seriously!! It’s been a long time this has to Stop for the people for their lives and future! Enough of Losing! Control the Alcohol Step up and Start controlling it instead!! Just felt like saying this Great People are Gone now! Even the people I know close to me! I wish that Bootlegger would Read This!! STOP IT!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! Alcohol is Killing Many is Many Ways!! Taiima!!

    • Posted by Alcohol? on

      It doesnt say alcohol was a factor but lets just assume it was… do you think a homicidal person would kill with or without; or in either situation? This is what people dont get. Excuses and the blame of alcohol. Never killed anyone in my life and i drink. Claim responsibility

  3. Posted by Great towns on

    Yes heroic, and in vain. Is not like it’s going to make any difference in future altercations. Ban alcohol from Nunavik. Or let more alcohol come in so the population wipes itself out within a decade or so. Oh, the residential school side effects they used in defence of such crimes. The devil make me do it. It’s the white mans fault, the government fault. My sisters fault, I was abuse by my uncle. As alcohol continues to flow thru the lives of Inuit in Nunavik, the funerals will be many , the graves will have more alcohol soaked soil, and the jails will have more and more of them peeping out into the bars.

    • Posted by Alcohol? on

      It doesnt say alcohol is a factor. Smh

  4. Posted by too many deaths on

    F*©Ken bootleggers are destroying are towns. If there weren’t any booze coming in , many would still be here! You dogs! Bootleggers! Think of the impact it has on kids and elders. Playing big shots down south while our children suffer of neglect, being hungry, having nowhere to go, many of them losing their parents. Enough is enough! Get jobs instead if you need money, not send booze!

  5. Posted by Clara on

    Rest in paradise Eli Qaqutuk 💙
    He was 40, not 34

    • Posted by Clara on

      I’m sorry, he was 40 not 32*

  6. Posted by Lead the dog to water on

    You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t force that horse to drink. No matter how much booze is around, it’s the choice of the person. Bootleggers or not, people have a choice. It’s sad to see so many Inuit just wasting away from the temptation. And blaming everyone and everything on this earth for the trouble that’s self made. If alcohol had a place in nunavik, it would not be challenging like it is today. Show me another area of Canada that has so many problems with alcohol. Only an aboriginal village or community could have this problem as much. It’s because people can handle alcohol. It’s a fact, not judgment! It’s a fact. It’s so much in plain view, but people don’t get it. Some how there’s this vision of alcohol one day becoming normal for Inuit, nope, not going to happen. Only death and destruction will forever be. Get back your life people. Ban alcohol from your community.

  7. Posted by No life on

    Nunavik has become a chaotic place. It’s very mentally challenged. There are so many people that are mentally ill. What happen? I don’t see how anyone but the people themselves has caused this mess. One of the problems is not being able to recognize the mess by the people that are living it. No insight into the issue. It continues into blame. It’s sad to see how outsiders are just sitting back and taking advantage of all the profits from work, fostering, and having a great life. All the while you see many Inuit just stuck into this illness without knowing, and drinking alcohol, smoke dope, and neglecting their children. The southerners are busy building the houses provided by government ! With lots of work for Inuit , but very little Inuit are interested, no motivation. As soon as booze and dope is available. Inuit rush to that place to find their fix.

  8. Posted by peter on

    Inuits are in pain residential victims dog slaughter foster care re-located lack of houses and more the roots of the pain spreading to this generations cost this matter and yet Federal gouverment not step it up for this deadly issue.. we need to find something to reduce this qanuinnaa?!?!

  9. Posted by Salamonie on

    Just few days before all that happened we were hunting with him and his girlfriend 💔 we were fishing in tasijuarusik. And just like that he is gone but will never be forgotten! Rest in peace Eli qaqutuk.

    • Posted by Alcohol? on

      Sorry, bro. People got so much hate that conflict is inevitable. Trauma is the cause of this.

  10. Posted by NUNAVIMIUK on

    Life is really really sad in nunavik

    • Posted by Alcohol? on

      State the obvious. We are neglected on such issues and such issues will progress without support. Everyone says its so god damn easy but those who try and do good are still thrown under the rug while we are runned by a bunch of dropouts

  11. Posted by pissed off on

    People please stop blaming everybody else and look yourself in the mirror.

    This is Inuit people hurting and killing each other.

    Stop looking for someone else to blame.
    Are you gonna blame the distillery workers in Jamaica , the truckers along the way for
    the misuse you have made of that liquor ?


    • Posted by Alcohol? on

      Sulilirqutit! Its in our own damn self that we find this hate to take another life. Nothing or no one else but to blame but ourself. Its easy to say this and that but truth be told, its all of us that need to improve.

  12. Posted by Alcohol? on

    Seen my brother die and shot in front of me and the murderer i blamed instead of blaming alcohol. Seen my other brother die and drowned and didn’t blame alcohol. Alcohol was involved both times but all i see is irresponsibility and anger with hate to cause such a monstrous act, and in the other i saw one dumb move to drink and drive. But lets just blame booze, eh? As if a gun without a person pulling the trigger ever shot us.

    We need some healing, so we can avoid such situations and instead choose to take a scapegoat. The problem is within all of us. Where are we and how we see our nunarqatiks. Take some responsibility, people.

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