Nunavik police to get new name, dropping ‘force’ from title

Regional councillors vote to rebrand organization as Nunavik Police Service

Kativik Regional Police Force chief Jean-Pierre Larose proposed a new name for the police organization this week, which will now go by Nunavik Police Service. (File photo)

By Sarah Rogers

Regional councillors suggested some changes to the police service’s logo, which currently features the image of a polar bear and an inuksuk. (Image courtesy of KRPF)

Nunavik’s police organization is getting a new name.

This week, Kativik Regional Police Force chief Jean-Pierre Larose proposed a new title for the organization, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year.

“The name of this police force was bothering me, because it doesn’t correspond with the vision I’ve had for this organization,” Larose told Kativik Regional Government council during a meeting in Kuujjuaq on Wednesday.

“Kativik isn’t the proper wording to describe the region we serve,” he said. “And ‘force’ has the connotation of physical force and aggression. Our model is to serve and protect, not use force.”

Larose instead proposed the name Nunavik Regional Police Service.

But regional councillors suggested the organization drop the term “regional,” arguing it doesn’t add anything to the description.

Regional council voted to approve the new name Nunavik Police Service on Wednesday afternoon.

The change will require the police organization to update its logo, which appears on its police cruisers and uniforms. Larose didn’t indicate when that would happen or at what cost.

Regional councillors suggested some changes to imagery in the police service’s logo, which currently features a polar bear and an inuksuk, though the organization hasn’t committed to any specific changes just yet.

The Kativik Regional Police Force was created in 1996 to establish a regional police service in Nunavik, after the region had previously been policed by the provincial Sûreté du Québec.

The agency has detachments in all of Nunavik’s 14 communities and reports to the Kativik government’s public security department.

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(3) Comments:

  1. Posted by What’s in a name? on

    Oh , I agree the name will be better of. But really, what’s in a name, in light of all that’s happening in Nunavik? I mean if we get so helpless, we can at least change the name and hope things will get better, what you think? This has a superficial sneaky tone to it. Surely KRG councillors in their meeting listening to this suggestion about changing the police name, must be using something laced with the latest legal oils to get the benefits of this dream. I can’t even image where we had gone in the years, to even believe in something like this. Police forces all over the country will be mirroring Nunavik after this, just watch, crime will go way down to, the brain child of larose. But can’t knock him for doing his job.

  2. Posted by Call me anything but late for supper! on

    What another farcical attempt at enforcing government DICKtates.

    You can c change the name of the police every other week & it’s still not going to make a bit of difference in the long run if they REFUSE to investigate & charge corrupt local politicians.

    Are Nunavimuit so stupid as to believe that a name change will reduce criminal activity in Nunavik?

    If you do I have a banana plantation for sale on Akpatook Island, no underbids, I know what it’s worth.

  3. Posted by oh Gosh people! sujualuuvisii! on

    Grow up people, they are already Police Force anyways!

    Same old whining, when yourself cannot even deal with death crimes, it was already hard enough dealing 9 deaths in my Police career years, when no one will support us dealing heavy tragic deaths in needing counselling, and you, all you do is whine and complain. When an Officer arrives to horrific death crimes, they are very first at the scene.

    One day KRPF – Nunavik Police will settle down as Police Force, yet still too bad that Surete du Quebec Police left, when they were trained A-Z

    I applause their hard work, knowing as a former SQ Officer. Nakurmiik pisitiuvusi, kajusigitsi, thank you, you guys are strong working people, continue as you work.


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