Nunavut MP to lead Ottawa march calling for investigation into residential school abuses

‘Canada must be held accountable,’ says Mumilaaq Qaqqaq

NDP MPs Mumilaaq Qaqqaq and Charlie Angus will lead a march in Ottawa on Saturday. They’re calling for the federal government to investigate potential crimes committed in the residential school system. (Photo courtesy of the NDP)

By Nunatsiaq News

Nunavut MP Mumilaaq Qaqqaq is leading a march in Ottawa on Saturday to demand an investigation into Canada’s residential school system.

Earlier this month, Qaqqaq and the NDP held a news conference to ask the federal government to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate potential crimes committed against Indigenous Peoples at residential schools.

Specifically, she called on federal Justice Minister David Lametti to approach the International Criminal Court to launch an investigation into a system she said “represents a crime against humanity.”

Saturday’s march is expected to visit the Justice Department on Wellington Street in Ottawa.

“We’re showing up to demand that Attorney General David Lametti and the Liberal government finally stop making excuses,” Qaqqaq said in a social media post.

“We need action. Enough is enough: abusers must be brought to justice for their crimes and Canada must be held accountable.”

One of Qaqqaq’s demands is for the Public Prosecution Service of Canada to re-investigate allegations of abuse by Rev. Johannes Rivoire, a Roman Catholic priest who worked in Nunavut in the 1960s.

Rivoire once faced charges of sexual assault against Inuit children, but those charges were stayed in 2017.

Residential school survivor Piita Irniq, a long-time advocate for Rivoire’s arrest, is scheduled to speak at Saturday’s march.

Qaqqaq and fellow NDP MP Charlie Angus will lead the march along with local elders. The event starts at noon at 111 Wellington St.

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(9) Comments:

  1. Posted by Observer on

    Perhaps Qaqqaq can tell us how she can get France to agree to extradite him, because it’s against the law in France to extradite French citizens to other countries. Which is why no one, including the United States, has been able to get French citizens extradited from France.

  2. Posted by Liar Liar on

    That lawyer doesnt care about residential schools, all he sees is a huge check at the end of the tunnel.

  3. Posted by Kids deserve protection on

    How many more settlements do you reasonably expect to get? There were the common experience payouts that everyone got, even those who loved residential school. There were day school payouts as those folks were annoyed about being left out the first time around. There were individual payments to people with accounts of abuse. There have been multiple apologies from federal government, and the churches and other entities that ran the schools. Residential school grievances dominated the national news for over a decade, so it’s not like anyone in Canada doesn’t know about the accusations.

    I don’t get the present-day obsession with going after Riviore. If it was possible to do so, it would have been done, but he is very old and living on another continent, in a country that does not cooperate with Canada on these matters. Sometimes things just can’t be done, and spending so much time and energy on it takes away from working on problems that could have something done about them.

    Are there really no Nunavut abusers that you can go after instead? I am pretty sure you could find some if you had a look, and doing so would have an actual positive impact on the lives of children who are suffering today. Which leader will step up to defend neglected and abused children in 2021? Is there anyone out there brave enough?

    • Posted by this is why on

      Because our MP has no understanding or awareness of any of the historical facts you just mentioned, in her young and uneducated mind this is all new and has never been discussed or dealt with until she came along.

  4. Posted by Andre Tautu on

    It may be forty decades old, but we are still suffering from it, we were used by so called christian brothers and sisters (Nuns) for adult pleasure when we were just the little kids.

  5. Posted by Inept MP goes back to being inept on

    Is mumilaaq going to be able to work this entire time or does she another half year off? Maybe she just has a superficial role with no substance, because clearly she can’t handle any substance(s).

  6. Posted by Truth and Reconciliation 2 Electric Boogaloo on

    What is the point in this? How will this help the CURRENT generation of Nunavut children that have no drive for education? How will this help the next generation of the Nunavut workforce to take up the jobs that are normally taken up by southerners? How does this help the housing crisis in Nunavut? How does it help the nurse shortage? How does it help 70% of Nunavummiuts to get 3 square meals a day?

    How will this help Nunavut going forward?

    • Posted by Ian on

      It will be over soon

  7. Posted by ds on

    What about the children who are being abused NOW? There is the opportunity to help these victims NOW.

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