Rebecca Hainnu is Nunavut’s new deputy minister of education.(File photo)

Nunavut premier announces senior management changes

Education department and Qulliq Energy Corp. both see new top bosses

By Nunatsiaq News

Nunavut Premier Joe Savikataaq announced Friday changes to top management at the Department of Education and Qulliq Energy Corp.

Rebecca Hainnu will become the deputy minister of education as of Sept. 17. She’s been the associate deputy minister for the past year, in preparation for the role, a government news release states.

Hainnu previously served as a teacher, vice-principal and principal at Quluaq School in Clyde River.

She will replace Kathy Okpik, who is retiring in November. As well as serving as the deputy minister of education, Okpik also at various points held the top jobs in the departments of human resources and executive and intergovernmental affairs.

The premier also announced Rick Hunt had become president of the QEC, effective last month. Hunt has worked with QEC for 17 years in a variety of roles, including director of health, safety, environment and facilities, as well as acting roles as director of operations, director of engineering, vice president and CEO.

“I am excited for Ms. Hainnu and Mr. Hunt to take on their new roles, and look forward to the positive contributions they will bring to their organizations,” Savikataaq said in the news release.

“They are both proven leaders and their experiences and abilities will be great assets to our government.”

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(8) Comments:

  1. Posted by mark doucette on

    Congratulation to Rick Hunt on his appointment as CEO of Qulliq Energy. I had the pleasure of getting to know Rick while managing Customer Care for QEC between 2013 – 2016. He is a great person and I think he will do a super job in the role with all of the on the job experience he has gained over the years. All the best to you Rick.

  2. Posted by George Wenzel on

    Congratulations to Ms. Hainnu. She has worked tirelessly for Clyde River students, community and colleagues throughout her professional career.

  3. Posted by Thomas Aggark on

    Where the premier lives is where padleimiut first lived there. A lot of uninvited guests, becoming out of hand. Uninvited stores, uninvited guests.

    • Posted by A lot of racism on

      Yes let’s send all the doctors and nurses home, stop landing flights with supplies, close all the stores, send all the engineers home, send all the mental health workers and counselors home, send all the social workers home and all the teachers too. Then finally Nunavut can be free and survive independently.

      • Posted by Almost forgot on

        Forgot cops, construction workers, canada post workers, taxi drivers. Imagine this place without access to snowmobile and atv parts, no access to pop, and nobody to throw the wife-beaters in jail. Sounds like a paradise. Calling southerners uninvited is laughable at best.

      • Posted by WestInuk on

        Thomas, take everything else such as communication processes away as well which was probably uninvited by you. Who taught you this mindset, huyutit. Visit us, we are welcoming.

  4. Posted by Ironic on

    Do people forget what happened to all of the folks that Trump hired before he lost his place. They were turfed.
    When Mr. Quassa was replaced, everyone that he put in place were turfed.
    These jobs are at leisure and when the Premier is replaced they could be replaced same as happened in NS with the change in government.
    Premier S is singing a new song. Take a Chance on Me.. Time for a change to real leadership and teamwork. For example, Premier says no Covid passport, Minister says we will have the passport or QR code by the end of October. Who’s running this government?

  5. Posted by Toonik’s Grandfather on

    Congrats to Rebecca Hainnu, finally someone with true passion about education in Nunavut. She is a hard worker and team player, a good model.


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