Nunavut woman gets conditional sentence for role in 2019 death of her mother

Lennese Kublu, 21, is now under house arrest in Ottawa

Lennese Kublu is serving a two-year conditional sentence for her role in the 2019 stabbing death of her mother, Susan Kuplu-Irqittuq, pictured here. (File photo)

By Sarah Rogers

A young Nunavut woman is serving a two-year conditional sentence for her role in the 2019 stabbing death of her mother.

Lennese Kublu was 18 in January 2019 when Ottawa police charged her and her then-boyfriend Dwight Brown with the murder of her mother, Susan Kuplu-Irqittuq, who was 37. The family is originally from Igloolik.

Kublu pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of manslaughter earlier this year.

Earlier this summer, Ontario Superior Court Justice Robert Maranger accepted a joint recommendation from Kublu’s defence lawyer Diane Condo and assistant Crown attorney Meaghan Cunningham that will keep the now 21-year-old woman out of jail.

Instead, Kublu will spend a year living in an Ottawa residence under house arrest, followed by another nine months under a curfew. She will then have a year of probation.

Maranger ordered Kublu to continue counselling and to abstain from alcohol.

Nunatsiaq News was unable to attend the original sentencing hearing on July 19. This reporting is based on a transcript of that hearing provided by the Ontario Superior Court.

The parties’ joint submission flowed from recommendations that came from an Indigenous healing circle, which included members of Kublu’s family. The circle acknowledged that Kublu had grown up with generational trauma and addiction, having been raised by residential school survivors.

The members also noted that Kublu was in an abusive relationship with Brown, who played a role in the death of Susan Kuplu-Irqittuq.

On Jan. 10, 2019, Kublu, Brown and Kuplu-Irqittuq were drinking alcohol together in the kitchen of her Ottawa townhouse, when Kublu got into a physical dispute with her mother, according to an agreed statement of facts presented to the court.

During the altercation, Brown gave Kublu a knife which she used to repeatedly stab her mother. An autopsy later found seven stab wounds on Kuplu-Irqittuq’s body, including one to her right lung which was likely responsible for her death.

Brown and Kublu then moved the woman’s body to a nearby dumpster. Kuplu-Irqittuq’s body wasn’t found until more than a month later in an Ottawa landfill.

The couple was arrested in Toronto a few days later. Kublu later provided police with a four-page written confession.

Brown, who was originally charged with second-degree murder, also pleaded guilty to manslaughter and in now serving a jail sentence.

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