Nunavut woman pleads guilty to manslaughter in stabbing death of her mother

Lennese Kublu was originally charged with second-degree murder

Lennese Kublu has pleaded guilty to manslaughter for the death of her mother, Susan Kuplu-Irqittuq, pictured here. (File image)

By Sarah Rogers

Warning: readers may find some details disturbing.

An Inuk woman originally charged with the second-degree murder of her mother has pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

Lennese Kublu was accused in the January 2019 stabbing death of Susan Kuplu-Irqittuq, in the family’s Ottawa home.

Ottawa’s Crown attorney’s office confirmed that Kublu pleaded guilty to the lesser charge at a Jan. 29 plea hearing. Kublu has now been released on bail.

Kublu was 18 when Ottawa police charged her and her then-boyfriend Dwight Brown with the murder of Kuplu-Irqittuq, who was 37. The family is originally from Igloolik.

Kuplu-Irqittuq went missing on or around Jan. 10, 2019, the night police believe she was murdered in her Ottawa townhouse.

An agreed statement of facts filed at the Jan. 29 hearing describes that evening: Kublu, Kuplu-Irqittuq and Brown were drinking alcohol together in the kitchen, when Kublu got into a physical dispute with her mother.

During the altercation, Brown gave Kublu a knife which she used to repeatedly stab her mother. An autopsy later found seven stab wounds on Kuplu-Irqittuq’s body, including one to her right lung which was likely responsible for her death, the statement said.

Brown and Kublu then moved the woman’s body to a nearby dumpster, according to the agreed statement of facts. Kuplu-Irqittuq’s body wasn’t found until more than a month later in an Ottawa landfill.

The couple was arrested in Toronto a few days later. Kublu later provided police with a four-page written confession.

Brown, who was originally charged with second-degree murder, also pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

Nunatsiaq News could not reach Kublu’s lawyer Diane Condo for comment.

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  1. Posted by Another stabbing on

    Well we just read how a woman was found to be using self defence when she stabbed an abusive husband to death, after having physically assault him prior. No jail.

    Now a woman who has stabbed her mother to death, with the assistance of her partner, is on bail. I cannot wait to see what the sentence is.

  2. Posted by Qavvigarjuk on

    This is all so sad and tragic for the family involved, so much untreated trauma and desperate need for serious mental health help.

  3. Posted by Paul Murphy on

    A 37 year old and and 28 year old girlfriend. Gee I wonder who influenced who?

    • Posted by Sick People on

      I’m sure you meant to type 18.
      The sick dude handed her a knife and he’s almost 20 years older than her! Both are criminals.

      • Posted by Mel on

        Unfortunately, it’s poor writing. The mom was 37 when she was murdered. The boyfriend was in his late 20s. The age gap was still inappropriate though.

  4. Posted by Paul Murphy on

    For Sick People
    Thank you. You are correct. A typo for these old fingers.


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