Nunavut’s caribou-clad ‘fitness freak’

Iqaluit’s Joe Juralak added caribou-hide clothing to his workout routine over the weekend for National Indigenous History month, which is celebrated throughout June. Juralak, a self-described “fitness freak,” regularly posts workout videos on Facebook and on Instagram, where he goes by @inukfit. He says exercising in the traditional clothing was hot but brought him happiness, and he hopes to come up with new ways to keep his workouts interesting in the coming weeks. (Photo provided by Joe Juralak)

By Mélanie Ritchot

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  1. Posted by Malachi Arreak on

    Sheesh, you must have lost ten pounds from sweating bullets wearing that outfit. Even wearing that kind of outfit in -5 was always too warm when we performed as the Tununiq Theatre Group back in the mid-1980’s. Best of luck.

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