Old boys’ club influence prevails in taxi business


On behalf of the drivers and owners of Baffin Cabs, I would like to extend my apologies for the cessation of our ride-five times-the-sixth-ride-is-free policy.

I would like to explain that it is not of our own volition that this policy in no longer in effect.

It is due to an envious complaint on behalf of our major competitor (draw your own conclusions) who have strong armed by-law into enforcing a ridiculous clause which states, “an owner shall not permit or suffer to permit the conveyance of non-paying passengers while operating as a Taxi.”

So essentially what this tells me, is that when the temperature falls to -40 an individual who is unfortunately short of funds and freezing to death is not entitled to an act of generosity on behalf of a kind and sympathetic cabbie. Nor by the same token are those who miscalculated and spent their last dime on one too many cocktails permitted to enter my or anyone else’s cab, by virtue of the law.

Well, I hope the by-law and RCMP officers are prepared to deal with the hordes of people outside the Legion or Bar at closing time. Because, being the law abiding citizen that I am, I certainly won’t risk being fined $100 to accomodate those in need.

And on another note to competitors, this town is big enough for everyone and petty antics to quell competition is juvenile. Competition is a good thing and benefits everyone, especially those of the most importance — the customer.

Jamie Guilboard
Baffin Cabs

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