Our land of coldest winters and least sun


You may have already known it, but now Environment Canada can confirm: Nunavut has the toughest weather in Canada.

The national weather office released a study this past Wednesday based on 30 years of data from 150 weather stations around the country.

Nunavut ranked number one in 22 of 70 weather categories, including: coldest year-round (-13 C), most blowing snow days (74), most freezing days (290), most windy days (93), coldest winter (-33 C), and fewest sunny days year-round with a record 226 un-sunny days.

Nunavut was the second foggiest province or territory, right behind Nova Scotia.

The study points out that “Alberta is the province with the most comfortable weather overall.”

For the complete weather honours, visit Environment Canada’s website at www.on.ec.gc.ca/weather/winners/ nunavut-e.html.

Inuit Child First, Indigenous Services Canada
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