Pang celebrates Canada Day

Pangnirtung residents gather to celebrate Canada Day on Thursday. Festivities included a community barbecue and contests for bike decorations and crazy hats. (Photo by Cedric Yves Denis)

By Nunatsiaq News

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  1. Posted by Arnold on

    Good for you Pang! Happy Canada Day!!!

    It’s good to see people coming together and celebrating what Canada is, and what it should become. We’re a country that’s acknowledged horrible mistakes in the past. Residential School survivors received a $3B+ settlement in their class action lawsuit against Canada and the Prime Minister apologized to residential school survivors on the floor of Parliament; on behalf of all Canadians. The Canadian government held a special commission on Truth and Reconciliation and committed $millions$ to its action items. This was the agreement made with residential school survivors.

    Now there are many, many angry people who want to cancel anything they don’t like. The spew hate and seek to divide and put a wedge between people instead of trying to educate and build bridges to understanding so that we can make things right for this and future generations.

    Are we perfect? Have we fixed all of our problems? No, Canada is definitely not perfect and has many problems still work on.

    But compared with any other country who has indigenous peoples, I feel Canada has made the most progress and the national solidarity we saw on Canada Day with indigenous people leads me to believe we are a country that wants to do better!

    That’s worthy of recognition, and perhaps even somber celebration.

    ((Not to mention Canada’s contributions to world peace, science, entertainment, climate change, aid for those in need, muliculturalism, law, freedom, medicine, industry, sport etc.))

  2. Posted by A Canadian on

    Very proud of you, Pang! It’s a great country and we should remember that!

  3. Posted by Uvanga on

    Way to go Pangtastic! Happy for those who celebrated or recognized Canada Day. some wore orange and joined together for a good day.

    This is the way and not create more sadness than already happened. Cancelling meant no release and just a grim reminder of history that we will remember every day. that one day was supposed to be families and all races together.

    we were forced to have nothing and more stay at home ‘reflecting’ at home or with our family as one councilor said after we already had months of lock down.
    pleased with Pangnirtung and others for thinking of good, healing, fun and celebration of yourselves!

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