Quebec provincial police issued a warning after receiving complaints of scams being carried out. (File photo)

Police cancel alert about an armed man in Salluit

Suspect located and subdued after three-hour search

By Nunatsiaq News

Police in Salluit cancelled an imminent-threat alert Monday afternoon, three hours after advising people to stay indoors because an armed man was seen in the area.

At 4 p.m. the Surêté du Québec cancelled the warning they had issued just before 1 p.m.

Police had identified 24-year-old Danielly Kadjulik as being armed and moving around the area, Quebec provincial police Sgt. Nancy Fournier said in a news release.

Police had warned people in Salluit to take safety precautions.

At 4:30, the Surêté du Québec issued another statement to say the suspect had been located and subdued by Nunavik Police Service officers.

The second statement did not say if charges had been laid, but added that Nunavik Police Service investigation was ongoing.

Police reported the area was safe and that people who had been advised to stay indoors could go about their business.


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  1. Posted by Salluit on

    I wonder if SWAT team will arrive to Salluit? Give us more updates please

  2. Posted by HOMER on


    • Posted by . on

      Has it ever occurred to you that there is not much (if not NO) mental health help at all? Sure there are toll free numbers to call but for some people don’t know that. There had been so much tragedy caused by the government and generation trauma continues and so some sort of healing sessions needs to be done.

  3. Posted by Not again on

    This is insane it’s the SQ that is all over the place, when is NPS will be able to take care of their own problem. The news is outdated it started last night, too bad NPS / good old KRPF weren’t able to retain their good Inuits officers and some other cops! Now these with SQ in our communities this not looking good, and the chief doesn’t seem to care about anything other than his personal project, it’s sad poor us people living in our small town like Salluit !

    • Posted by Alunak on

      I prefer Sq police be in North of municipal police, With Inuit police sometimes they do not to much because is family members and they don’t want arrest them sad but true , equal for every one , is for that Sq is better and North.

      • Posted by Tonyangmarli on

        No need for outside help..few r.c.m.p. in each community by law /fire departments can contain it not spend $$$$$.if got to do deadly…do it save money…..

    • Posted by Learn law on

      For your information Surete du Quebec Police are highly trained how to handle most dangerous offenders, this is why NPF was set aside, they are not well trained to deal with armed man (people)

      They are reassuring safety, the proper investigation proceedings.

  4. Posted by Confused on

    Maybe he was going hunting 🙁


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