Police seize drugs, money in Salluit bust

Charges pending; searches took place Feb. 23 and 24, police say

Nunavik police shared this photo of some of the drugs and money they say were seized in a series of searches last month in Salluit. (Photo courtesy of Nunavik Police Service)

By Nunatsiaq News

Police have seized drugs and thousands of dollars in cash in a series of searches in Salluit.

On Feb. 23 and 24, investigators from both the Nunavik Police Service and the Sûreté du Québec searched four homes and a vehicle, Nunavik police announced Monday in a news release.

Officers seized more than 160 grams of cocaine, 500 grams of cannabis and more than 100 methamphetamine tablets. They also confiscated $17,000 in cash and unspecified equipment used for drug trafficking, police said in the release.

Police did not say how many people were arrested in relation to the searches. The release does indicate one person who was arrested had already been wanted by police, but there are no details about why this person was wanted.

The file was sent to a Quebec prosecutor to determine if charges will be filed and whether there will be any court appearances, according to the release.


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(14) Comments:

  1. Posted by Inuk from Nunavik on

    Unbelievable , the amount of drugs sold in nunavik. Good thow , that there is another bust.

    • Posted by Making a future of uselessness on

      Nunavik communities are in a state of crisis, but strongly cushioned dangerously in denial. Within, there’s little insight to the state of affairs and dysfunctional living. The work force is crippled by absenteeism and too many that do go to work are crippled by issues related to the affects of the rest that are dysfunctional. Plus more and more , too many are attending to jobs and even careers that require education background with is mostly non existent in the employee taking the beneficiary jobs. It’s time that the Quebec government look more seriously about this dysfunction.

      • Posted by Mr.miyagi on

        Hard pill to swallow. No pun intended. True, though.

        My kids have missed so many days of school due to staff absences. Breaks my heart that even education isn’t even provided efficiently. Couldn’t have that necessary education for our children, even if we tried. The teachers from k to grade 3 aren’t even properly trained and are on train wrecks themselves. KI even teaching religion class like Christian Sunday School. Which is illegal! If they want to teach religion, they should be teaching about all religions, to avoid backlash. But.. again.. they’re not even qualified!

        • Posted by Andre on

          In Iqaluit, Nunavut they dont arrest the dealer sealing crack and speed at northmart store or their home,it seems like. I been watching lots of friends I meet in 2009 turn crazy cause of drugs, with: Skinny Body-weird face-Shrinking Head-teeth gone-and even Bleeding Soars Rash on legs or body,ugly and so sad to loose many nice looking friends who was heathy and transform crazy Eratic Zombie turn Ugly Monsta Slowly but Shurely eeew constantly craving drugs,who hurts them and that scarcely would do anything for more,including hurting ,steeling Lieying to any one,even familly & Friends just to get speed or crack,yes sir, thats in Iqaluit,Nunavut, sorry but, Cops Don’t do anything here to either protect the junkies from themself or the familly,friends and population from being hurt in anyways from those zombie-Junkies that feel no fear on drugs and dont sleep for days then crash asleep,dont remember what they did and go back into another 4 to 5 days of speed or crack as long as their body & Heart can take it,shortening their life expectancy to half. Yup (please post this) people need know,Learn of the effect of speed or crack on their body, they think its all fun,its not and they can’t see themself like we see them,Look in the mirror,when you ask who’s the prettiest of them all,the mirror won’t say its you anymore,it will crack

          • Posted by Northerner on

            Thank God, that, no one is selling crack Kuujjaq yet , bet i m sure its comming soon.

  2. Posted by 180 on

    WTG guys, about time to clean up the North of all these drugs, everywhere you look there are drugs being sold in plain sight.

  3. Posted by mik on

    always after the small fish, why not do a proper sting and get the supplier in Montreal….. obviously thats where its coming from lol

    • Posted by Northerner on

      Everything comes by air , X- RAY every cargo and mail . 2 points of entry ,La Grand and Kuujjuaq.

      • Posted by Mr.Miyagi on

        Wax on, wax off.

        Two points of entry wouldn’t be LG and Kuujjuaq. It’s LG and Montreal, some might even suspect Quebec City, maybe even Ottawa. You can have planes come from anywhere. Isn’t there one coming from Nain, too, every now and then?

    • Posted by Hey mik on

      I get you, yes go for the pie , not the piece of pie, but I’m inviting you to appreciate the pieces, because it adds up as time goes, or maybe, I could say too, why not go bigger and get the one’s bringing it into the country. I’m delighted myself, little less smell of weed laced places around town, useless people are still useless, but don’t stink as much with even this bust.

      • Posted by Mr.Miyagi on

        Two points of entry? I doubt it. There is a lot more than two. Kuujjuaq and LG wouldn’t be the whole pie. Rather a nice sum of it. You stop one and another path is found. Sadly, same with the people they bust. The cops get one, there is always one to replace the dealer.

        Want the whole pie? Audit all suspects and get them to talk. They don’t talk? Kick them out of nunavik, for good.

  4. Posted by 867 on

    Should send some of these quebec cops to nunavut maybe then the streets will finally get cleaned up

    • Posted by Mr.Miyagi on

      We need them but if we could breed them and send some out towards you guys, we would be happy to share. We are one people, after all.

  5. Posted by da waste basket on

    Here is Nothing new but it bears repeating, quick fixes, getting high on hard drugs as meth and crack brings with it only more pain suffering problems. Do your best to stay well and ask that of others. There are drugs that will make it to the North, drugs that are devastating communities with the OD related deaths. We do not need that.


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