Pop art, Inuit-style

Part pop art exhibit and part pop-up shop, Pop, Chip, Kukuk is a tongue-in-cheek celebration of snacks and pop culture by Inuk artist Tarralik Duffy. The two-room exhibition, which is both a mini art gallery and a shop, is open until Nov. 5 at the SAW Gallery in Ottawa. Duffy used the SAW Nordic Lab’s Annie Pootoogook screenprinting studio to create graphic drawings, prints and sculptures that are an ode to contemporary Inuit culture. The show features pop art depictions of soda pop, potato chips and chocolate bars, commodities with a long shelf life that are popular across Inuit Nunangat. Images of other Inuit artists also feature on limited-edition art T-shirts, bags and prints that can be purchased directly from the exhibition. (Photos by Madalyn Howitt)

By Madalyn Howitt


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