Preliminary inquiry set for CamBay teen accused in Ottawa woman’s death

Tyler Hikoalok heads back to court this April

A preliminary inquiry for Tyler Hikoalok, originally from Cambridge Bay, has been scheduled for this April in Ottawa. Hikoalak faces a first-degree murder charge for last year’s death of Elisabeth Salm, 59. (File photo)

By Jim Bell

Tyler Hikoalok, a young man originally from Cambridge Bay facing a first-degree murder charge in last year’s high-profile death of an Ottawa woman, has been scheduled to appear at the Ottawa courthouse for a preliminary inquiry this April 15, court documents state.

Hikoalok, 18, is charged in the homicide death of Elisabeth Salm, 59, who died after she was found this past May 24 at the Christian Science Reading Room on Laurier Ave. West in Ottawa.

Preliminary inquiries are held to determine if there is enough evidence to justify sending an accused person to trial.

The mid-morning attack on Salm, which occurred near a busy downtown Ottawa intersection, sent shock waves through the city last year and generated multiple headlines in local media.

One of Hikoalok’s family members told Nunatsiaq News last year that the young man, along with all of his siblings, had been taken into foster care in at an early age.

Also, a community source from Cambridge Bay, who knew Hikoalok from infancy onward, told Nunatsiaq News that Hikoalok’s childhood was very rough and that he was suspected of suffering from fetal alcohol syndrome.

At the time of his arrest, Hikoalok was homeless working with a hip hop music collective called Tr1be, where he used music as therapy.

Prior to that, he had been staying at a group home called Phoenix House.

Court documents suggest that one day has been set aside for Hikoalok’s preliminary inquiry. Any evidence given at that proceeding will be covered by a publication ban.

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