Premier meets with Governor General at Rideau Hall

Nunavut Premier P.J. Akeeagok meets Gov. Gen. Mary Simon at Rideau Hall. Their meeting on Wednesday was an informal meeting that took place while Akeeagok was visiting Ottawa. (Photo courtesy of Master Cpl. Matthieu Racette, Rideau Hall)

By David Lochead

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    • Posted by Photo Frame on

      Premiers have a job but this one likes to travel and get as many pictures taken to look like he’s busy and doing a good job! Way to go Nunavut! Keep those pictures coming in, only 2 more years!

      • Posted by Learned from Trudeau on

        PJ has studied the tactics of Justin Trudeau well. Take lots of photos, but do not actually do anything!

        • Posted by Circus on

          Pajamas has always been like this. Yes man kind a guy. He believes in the system, all talk!!!!!


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