Quebec’s DPCP clears officer in 2017 Nunavik police shooting

Prosecutors found officer acted appropriately in response to threat posed by suspect

A newly released decision by Quebec’s director of penal and criminal prosecutions (DPCP) has cleared Kativik Regional Police officers in the June 14, 2017, shooting of an Inukjuak man. (Photo by Sarah Rogers)

By Sarah Rogers

Quebec’s Crown office has cleared officers in yet another shooting that involved the police in Nunavik.

A newly released decision by Quebec’s director of penal and criminal prosecutions (DPCP) has cleared Kativik Regional Police officers in the June 14, 2017, shooting of an Inukjuak man.

That day, police were called by family members of a 24-year-old man who reported that he was acting aggressively and throwing rocks at people.

When officers arrived on the scene, the man came out of a shed with a knife pointed to his own throat, according to the final report of the DPCP, released on May 15.

The suspect then approached officers, this time brandishing a large rock. Officers reported that the man was angry, threatening and yelling at police to shoot him.

KRPF officers said they tried to de-escalate the situation and drove their police vehicle away from the man to create distance.

But when the man started to approach officers again, he made motions to throw the rock towards them, and then pointed his knife at officers.

At that point, an officer fired at the suspect, hitting the man in his abdomen. The man was medevaced to a Montreal hospital, but survived the injury.

In its decision, the DPCP found that officers acted appropriately in their response to the threat.

“Considering the imminent danger he faced, the weapons used by the man and his failure to comply with the orders given, the police officer had reasonable grounds to believe that the force applied to the man was necessary for his protection against serious bodily harm or death,” the DPCP concluded in its decision.

The DPCP said a prosecutor has informed the individual of its decision.

When civilians are seriously injured or killed during a police altercation, Quebec’s Bureau des enquêtes indépendantes (office of independent investigations) is responsible for looking into the circumstances.

The BEI then files its report to Quebec’s DPCP’s office, which decides if the police officers involved should face charges.

This is the fifth decision in recent weeks by Quebec prosecutors to clear the KRPF in deaths or injuries of Nunavik civilians that involved the police. You can read the other decisions here.

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(3) Comments:

  1. Posted by Local Observer on

    thank you for following up and hope that there will be no incidents like this. Need to make sure all officers are aware that if you negotiate calmly and not aggressively situations like this can be avoided. Tough job but always remember to serve and protect. Stay Calm PEOPLE . LETS LIVE LIFE AND SURVIVE.

  2. Posted by Luc on

    Bravo for KRPF. I can remember the days when the drunk and deranged in our villages were getting away with causing trouble and doing as they pleased. Thank god these days are gone. Thanks for the intervention of the police today. People need to be more aware of right and wrong, and behave themselves. No one is above the law. Police carry and use arms for a reason.

  3. Posted by Nunavimmiuq on

    This is rotten!

    Lack of Inuit Officers, back then, there use to be Inuit officers dealing with armed suspects with their family member being invited to stop the nonsense, suspect(s) use to stop listening from their Parent(s) or grandparent(s) warnings.

    This force is so lost, these new Officers with no knowledge of Inuit comes from south, they are very young, I don’t know why KRG Executives does not meet them when they are hired?! and before starting their career, after all, it is in their jurisdiction!

    Inuit Officers back then were more respected, something quite wrong with this picture, they are Kativik Police, supposing to respect as working for Inuit Force! we always smell a fish, when a racist Officer jumps in out of no where! I hope KRG will start correcting this typical Police Force, they are still doing Police brutality even to young suspects, should be handled while it’s fresh.

    I hope, I will hear this correction soon, or sooner.

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