Rates to reward water savers


Iqalummiut supplied by truck water will soon pay a bit less if they don’t leave the tap running, or a whole lot more if they splurge on long hot showers.

City council approved a recommendation to reduce the minimum monthly water rate to $40 from $50. That’s because they believe about 100 residents on trucked water are currently being “punished.” That is, they consciously conserve water and use less than what they pay for.

Meanwhile, residents who run out early and have to call for more water could see that fee double, from $125 to $250.

That new amount reflects the actual cost of providing the service, according to the city. It will also cover the cost of having a helper ride along with the driver. Call-out water truck drivers currently operate solo, according to Mark Hall, director of public works.

“It was basically flying in the face of our own safety

protocol,” Hall said at a committee of the whole meeting on Nov. 21.

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