RCMP to evaluate body camera program, seek community input

Officers to stop wearing cameras June 1

The RCMP’s body-worn camera pilot project in Iqaluit is coming to an end at the beginning of June as it transitions into an evaluation phase. (Photo by Dustin Patar)

By Nunatsiaq News

Iqaluit RCMP officers will stop wearing body cameras as of June 1, as the pilot program moves into an evaluation phase.

Over the last several months, police have recorded mental health calls, investigations and crimes in progress, according to a news release from RCMP.

The release states the captured footage can show what happens during police stops, can be used as evidence in court and can encourage better police and public behaviour.

The project evaluation will include feedback from the public. Community members can give their input by completing a confidential online survey.

The city’s officers took on the pilot project in November after a growing call for the use of body cameras to increase transparency in policy interactions with the public.

Iqaluit city council approved it a week after a video had surfaced on social media, showing an officer in Kinngait knocking an Inuk man down with the door of his vehicle.

This incident added to a nationwide demand for the use of body cameras last year in the months following the murder of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis, Minn., police officer.

“Canadians need to feel protected and respected by the police,” states the release.

“Body-worn cameras can help to increase the trust and transparency between police and the communities they serve.”

The police plan to share the results of the evaluation publicly, according to the release. They did not say when that will happen.

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(23) Comments:

  1. Posted by Tax payer on

    I have so much respect for police officers , that i avoid all contact with them, even though , i have never done anything wrong

  2. Posted by Jj on

    Keep ’em on!!

  3. Posted by Northener on

    The cameras are only benificial to the r.c.m.p as long as they have the option to turn them on and off whenever they decide. Seems pretty bias in an already corrupt organization.

    • Posted by You are correct. on

      If cops can turn the cameras on and off at their own will their use of force goes UP not down.

      If the cameras are on from clock in to clock out then use of force goes DOWN.

      The only good body cameras are body cams that cannot be shut off.

      • Posted by Shaun on

        So you also want to take away the police officers personal privacy? During a shift I’m sure the officer will have to go the bathroom multiple times, may go home for food and see his family. Interact with his wife and kids.
        You want all of that recorded?

  4. Posted by The Old Trapper on

    Is there any legitimate reason to not keep the cameras “on” during the evaluation phase?
    I also question the need for a trial period. We know that body cameras on police officers work, what exactly needs evaluation?
    There are often opposing views when police use force in situations. In the vast majority of cases police are justified but there are some cases where the use of force, or the amount of force is questioned. A body camera provides an unbiased view of what has taken place.
    This is something that needs to be in place without any delays.

    • Posted by JOHNNY on

      I m sure , the police don t want these camera s around.

      • Posted by Bad apples don’t. Good apples do. on

        It’s been proven that with proper use of body cams (aka cameras that cannot be turned off by the officer) that interactions with the public are 40% less hostile.

        The camera isn’t a 1 way street that only prevents officers from “acting a fool”

      • Posted by Al Clapp on

        I was a police officer 46 years. Was investigated for abusive force by handcuffed a women for Obstruction. She was found guilty and I received a one day suspension for doing my job. I have tried to get body cameras on police 90 % want the cameras. Our problem is management is against having officers with body cameras. I had my own after my incident and when the next incident I was involved with was cleared right away because of the body camera. But management was not happy and ordered me to remove or face discipline. I just know body cameras are a good plan. If an officer does not turn on camera, he should suffer discipline or removal from the the service.

    • Posted by They want them on

      Most members I have spoken to love having the cameras. It helps their cases and takes away the finger pointing back and forth when there is a disputed set of information. This technology is a huge benefit for law enforcement and will lead to more convictions.
      There is a need for them to be able to shut them off, main reasons being dealing with minors and victims that do not want to be filmed, but this has to be documented and be able to stand up to scrutiny.

  5. Posted by Old Timer on

    Now for people to use there cell phones to record them and post on social media.

    • Posted by Common Sense on

      Yes, only good common sense to record every interaction, no matter how minor, with law enforcement of any type.

      • Posted by Exercise Your Choice on

        Downvote all that you want, but it is your choice, not the cop’s.

        Exercise your choice as you wish. Let our cops know that they are being held accountable and that their behaviour and choices also have repercussions.

  6. Posted by Survey on

    This article mention a confidential online survey being available for community members to fill out but no link available in this article. A quick google search lead me to this page:


    I hope all who took the time to comment on this page will take 2 minutes to fill it out because this the time to voice your concerns or appreciation.

  7. Posted by Surely keep them on on

    I’m all for keeping them on, especially in small communities within Nunavut!! They tend to take sides and rely on gossip of who they become friends with . The truth will only come out if the cameras stay on !!!

  8. Posted by Nunatvutmiut on

    These cameras aren’t free nor are they cheap, yet people want to defund police. You want better cops who are better trained with the right equipment, you not gonna get it by defunding, that’s for sure. Make up your mind folks

  9. Posted by Wassa on

    The on off can be used with the when there’s a call made, switch on, when call is answered and over and dealt with switch off. Who police officer or stock boy or anyone would like to have a recording device on their person for an entire shift day in and day out.

  10. Posted by Aazhe on

    They must keep them on!! These cameras protect the lives of people and will insure that these ‘trained’ professionals act within their training. We need culturally educated police officers working in communities and more diversity in the police force!!

  11. Posted by Al on

    Being a police officer for 46 years. Being once investigated for abusive force by handcuffed a woman arrested for obstruction. She was conficted and I recieved a one day suspension. I as most members want body cameras. I personally used my own body camera. When it back up my next case I was ordered to remove it or face discipline. Our problem was management they did not want body cameras. They told me they did not want the officer responsible for it. Well they give us guns. Officers not turning on body cameras should face discipline or firing. Get on with!

  12. Posted by sim on

    nunavut was seperated with nwt, nwt should have started with nunavut having own territory, its like nunavut starts off first with all things because its a new territory

  13. Posted by Me on

    People should not be prevented using their cameras on RCMP it should be their right when court asks for witnesses their cameras could benefit justice on the right side whereas a lying RCMP usually is believed instantly in courts Cameras can be both good and bad but the benefits outweigh the downside of justice

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