Recount confirms election results in Amittuq and Cambridge Bay

Joelie Kaernerk and Pamela Gross to represent their ridings as next MLAs

Elections Nunavut has confirmed the results of in both Amittuq and Cambridge Bay ridings following a judicial recount. (Photo by Mélanie Ritchot)

By Nunatsiaq News

Joelie Kaernerk and Pamela Hakongak Gross have been confirmed as the next MLAs of Amittuq and Cambridge Bay respectively, following a vote recount.

Judicial recounts are held when the margin of victory is less than two per cent, according to Elections Nunavut. The margin of victory in both ridings fell within that threshold during the Oct. 25 Nunavut general election.

Kaernerk was confirmed as the winner in Amittuq on Monday with 170 votes, just three more than challenger Solomon Allurut, who garnered 167.

Gross was confirmed for Cambridge Bay on Tuesday after leading a tight three-way race with 224 votes. Incumbent Jeannie Hakongak Ehaloak finished second with 215 votes, followed by Peter Ohokak with 209.

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(3) Comments:

  1. Posted by Yahhooo on

    Congratulations Pam on your win and Congratulations to all candidates that ran.

    • Posted by Artie on

      Consider this… 2/3 of the voters in ycb didn’t like all 3 candidates. So ycb is getting a mla that 65% of the people who voted didn’t vote for. Not a ringing endorsement.

      • Posted by Crystal Clarity on

        If people don’t participate by running or voting on election day they have no right to bitch and complain about the way things turn out afterwards. Both of these candidates will do just fine and kudos to them for taking on the job because they will have to find the backbone to put up with bullshit like yours for their whole terms in office. Nunavummiut are so good at bitching and complaining about everything and anything. It’s a miracle anyone runs for anything at all.


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