Respect for the animals you hunt


I read a very interesting article about caribou migration and hunters’ philosophy. (“Nunavik transports southern hunters to shoot caribou,” Nunatsiaq News, August 20).

I concur with the opinion expressed in article about the lack of respect for animals. My father, who died suddenly at the age of 48 in 1985, always drummed into me the proper respect to be given when taking animals for food.

I want to hunt caribou with that philosophy in your part of the world.Would you provide me with the names of hunting guides in your area? I have travelled into the Dakotas each year for the past six years for bird hunting with my dogs, but I’m turning 40 years old next year, and I want to experience the Far North.

Your help would be appreciated.

Mike Powell
1199 Oxford Road,
NE Atlanta, GA 30306,

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