Response to Jack Anawak’s letter


I like the points that Jack Anawak brought up in his letter (Nunatsiaq News, September 29) about how women in Nunavut are being let down by this government, both federal and territorial.

I think that our school system should have some kind of programs early on, teaching subjects like anger management, mutual respect and the old concept of co-operation between men and women that was essential to Inuit culture.

They should teach life skills in general, instead of the crap on television that I see, which seems to glorify violence toward women and show younger women accepting this as normal, lowering their self-esteem, therefore making the younger males think this is cool and acceptable.

Well, it’s not and unless they’re shown differently, it will continue.

As Jack said, these are our mothers, daughters, aunts, nieces, cousins, taking this abuse. Let’s try harder to change things. Quana.

Howie Jones
Cambridge Bay

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