Should Iqaluit mayor quit NPC board?


The people of Iqaluit have one more chance, on Nov. 29, to speak publicly before the Utilities Rates Review Council against the one-rate power proposal and the draconian rate increases proposed for Iqaluit and many other communities. At the last hearing, the City of Iqaluit’s chief administrative officer, Ian Fremantle, spoke on behalf of the City, and he spoke well.

But why haven’t we heard from our mayor, Elisapee Sheutiapik? Probably because she is also on the board of the Nunavut Power Corporation, the very body that put forward this ill-considered proposal that will do so much harm to Iqaluit, its homeowners, businesses, and all its citizens.

But we elected Elisapee to represent the interests of the city – not the power corporation. She was elected by the people of Iqaluit as mayor, but appointed by the minister responsible for energy to the board of the power corporation. And right now, she has a huge conflict of interest because of the power corporation’s rate proposal. Where do her loyalties lie?

It’s not enough that she send the CAO to speak for the City. It is important that we hear from the mayor herself. With a conflict this blatant, she should resign from one position or the other. I suggest she resign immediately from the board of NPC, and speak out forcefully on behalf of the city and the people who elected her.

Kenn Harper

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