Should Nanisivik jet strip be kept?


I am a resident of Arctic Bay, which is about 36 km from Nanisivik.

The zinc and lead mine which was operated by Breakwater Resources closed down a year ago, putting a number of Arctic Bay residents out of work.

The Inuit working there were mainly already trained heavy equipment operators and labourers, so I can’t say that the mine left a legacy of trained workers.

The federal government, in partnership with the territorial governments, did build a road and a jet airstrip, mostly to accommodate the mine operation.

I would call this a legacy, a legacy which may not be of use as they may be closed down over the next couple of years.

One might say, why does Arctic Bay need a jet airstrip? Jets fly from Ottawa to Resolute Bay. There is a jet airstrip in Hall Beach and Pond Inlet wants a jet strip, too.

I am not in the airline business and I do not know if such a route is feasible.

But I do know that the North needs tourism development and the marketing of country food.

Bill Hughes
Arctic Bay

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