Smoking room encourages life-threatening behaviour


This letter is in regards to the new enclosed smoking area that the Iqaluit racquet club just built.

I find it hard to understand that smoking would be encouraged in a health club. I cannot believe that businesses are willing to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to accommodate smokers. Do people not know that it causes cancer? They must not.

By doing this, the racquet club is encouraging people to keep on smoking so they’ll have cancer. Cigarettes are cancerous; they will make you sick. There is actual evidence that people die of smoking, yet people keep on smoking. Why? I do not understand why someone would make himself or herself sick. Maybe not right away but slowly, you are killing yourself. You will die of cancer.

Why spend money on making an enclosed smoking area? I would very much like to hear from someone who smokes who will use this smoking area and give me one good reason why they need a smoking room. Do you need to smoke before you go running on the treadmill? Perhaps you smoke afterwards to reward yourself for running or working out, but where is the reward if you’re making yourself sick with cigarettes?

Is it not good enough for those who smoke to tell you that you will get cancer and die of cancer if you keep on smoking? When you see someone smoking and they are coughing and spitting their guts out, do you not see that they probably have black lungs? Black lungs, is that not good enough of a reason to stop? Cancer, is that not good enough a reason to stop? Your friends and family seeing you suffer in your deathbed barely able to take a simple breath, is that not good enough a reason to stop?

Will you still smoke with the thought of dying in the back of your mind and not feel guilty? Is smoking so important to you that you would rather be sick when you’re older (maybe you’re already sick but are denying it) than enjoy life being able to breathe and take big deep breathes without having to cough after every breath?

Why could you not have used that room for something that is needed?

Rita Anilniliak

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