Stop now, win challenge


Hydro-Québec, the first organization in Québec to adopt a progressive ban on smoking in the workplace in 1995, is supporting the “Quit to Win!” challenge for the sixth consecutive year.

Hydro-Québec will recognize the participation of Cree and Inuit youth by awarding $2,000 each to two participating schools at the end of the campaign, one in a Cree community and one in Nunavik.

The funds will be used to purchase sports or computer equipment for the use of all students.

Last year, more than 860 Nunavimmiut promised to stay smoke-free from March 1 to April 11.

Some 38,000 people across Quebec were also involved, but the rate of participation by Nunavik’s smokers — 4.26 per cent — is twice that of other regions. Many ex-smokers and non-smokers entered the Nunavik challenge, pledging to remain smoke-free, although elsewhere in Quebec only smokers are eligible.

Overall, 35 per cent of adult and youth who participated from Nunavik were smokers and 65 per cent were non-smokers. Almost half of the 507 youth who participated were smokers.

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