Strike at Iqaluit Housing Authority hits 100-day mark

Nunavut Employees Union members continue their picket line in front of the Iqaluit Housing Authority office, near the airport, Tuesday. June 27 marks 100 days since 13 unionized housing workers went on strike. The strike began March 17, and two days later the workers were locked out by the housing authority. The union says it is looking for better wages and housing benefits, among other conditions. On Tuesday, NEU president Jason Rochon said the housing authority has not negotiated in good faith. “It’s been 100 days of disappointment,” he said. A housing authority spokesperson did not immediately respond for comment. (Photo by David Lochead)

By David Lochead

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  1. Posted by Curious George on

    Who is the Iqaluit Housing Authority?
    Who hired or appointed them?
    Who tells them what to do?
    Who do they answer to?
    Where do they get their money?
    Who is the power behind this organization?
    What is the relationship between the Iqaluit Housing Authority and the Nunavut Housing Corporation and the Government of Nunavut?
    From the outside this whole situation makes no sense. It’s time to look inside and see what’s really going on.

    • Posted by Curious as well on

      Curious George, while we are at it lets ask about the details of what the strikers are asking for. What exactly is going to be the final wage that they are seeking, after that juicy market adjustment amount briefly mentioned in an earlier NN article, that no one seems to want to elaborate on the details.

  2. Posted by Not even missed on

    It appears no one has noticed their absence. Let’s see if we can hit 200?

    • Posted by Anonymous on

      You say “not missed” Well to be clear here the employer is still getting work done by hiring scabs!! Shame on them ,shame on NHC and the GN for not stepping in getting to the bottom of this! These are 13 local hires that want no more than any other collective bargaining employees here in the North!

      • Posted by Makes No Sense on

        The GN’s Department of Human Resources should probably hire the Iqaluit Housing Authority’s management.
        It takes the GN’s Human Resources Department 9 to 12 months to fill a position, but the Iqaluit Housing Authority seems to have been able to hire “replacement workers” in a couple of days!
        Department of Health cannot find nurses to hire or has no housing for them. But Health can contract with a paper firm to get paramedics for much more money than it pays nurses. And somehow, there’s places for the paramedics to stay. Why can’t Health hire paramedics, if it actually needs them?
        Nothing here in Nunavut makes any sense.

    • Posted by Missing Them on

      Maybe you haven’t missed them.
      Do you live in Public Housing in Iqaluit?
      Are you on the waiting list for Public Housing in Iqaluit?
      Are you trying to apply for Public Housing in Iqaluit?
      Iqaluit Public Housing is supposed to send out renewal forms every 6 months for those on the waiting list to confirm that they are still waiting for Public Housing.
      I have not received my renewal form. I am definitely missing them. I think lots of other families are missing them too. Taima.

  3. Posted by Iqianna on

    Where are the 3 Iqaluit MLAs representing these constituents? They should be grilling the GN and housing minister with every opportunity they get! Nunavut housing and Iqaluit housing authority would rather pay random contractors than compensate their Inuit employees fairly


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