Suicide stops here


Writing this letter is not easy for me because I have lost 14 of my friends, who took their lives.

Suicide must stop here because suicide is not the answer. I want to get this message out to all the teenagers in Nunavut.

I was suicidal before and I have seen bad things. I’ve seen what Hell looks like and it’s dark and scary. I know some people think suicide is the answer to their problems, but it’s not.

Our teenagers are very important to our future. If our teenagers keep killing themselves, our cemeteries are going to be full and there won’t be room for other bodies to bury.

Reading Nunavut’s suicide rate, there are 11 people in my community who have killed themselves and we have to stop the suicide deaths in our community because the youth are our future.

The community of Pangnirtung has to start talking about suicide and speak without being afraid. I hope this message helps my friends in Pangnirtung.

And everyone who lives here, let’s stop ignoring suicide and help keep our youth from suicide. These words are from my heart and my mind.

Tommy Taylor Dialla

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